The Benefits of Hyperlocal OOH Targeting for Brands

Hyperlocal OOH targeting refers to the delivery of Out-of-Home advertising based on precise geographic locations. Examples of a hyperlocal campaign might incorporate the following targeting strategies: 

  • Store locations
  • Landmarks (e.g. Big Ben in London, the Old Trafford Football Stadium in Manchester etc)
  • Specific streets (Bond Street, Carnaby Street, Abbey Road etc)
  • Neighbourhoods

According to Route, OOH advertising reaches 97% of the UK population every week. The goal of hyperlocal OOH targeting is to connect with audiences and build brand awareness and trust on a granular local level.

Hyperlocal OOH targeting allows brands to target streets or specific stores for instance, as opposed to entire cities.

Let’s delve further into the main benefits of adopting hyperlocal OOH targeting for brands. 

Put Contextually Relevant Ads In Front of Local Audiences

Local audiences are far more likely to notice and respond to Out-of-Home ads which relate to their outdoor environment. 

In a study on the effect of DOOH campaigns on audiences, researchers found the consumer brain response to be 18% higher when stimulated by relevant content.

DOOH advertising in 2024 is able to use data to put hyper targeted ads in front of your local audiences at scale. For example, draw on local demographic data, consumer behaviours, and traffic and footfall levels at different times of the day to make informed decisions on when to show certain ads to local audiences.

The Ability to Leverage Hyperlocal OOH Targeting in Moving Media

You see digital OOH advertising everywhere in cities these days, including shopping centres, train stations, roadsides, bus stops, and more. Unlike other digital OOH formats, digital transit media is able to physically move with your local audiences, reaching them throughout various stages of their consumer journey. 

Looking to advertise to local audiences in London through hyper targeted digital transit media? Drovo offers a new-to-market dynamic on-vehicle format that moves with audiences, leveraging data to show contextually relevant ads.

Drovo on-vehicle  screen in london

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Combine OOH with Digital Advertising in Your Media Planning

In a recent survey, 57% of respondents said they spend under 2 hours per day using their phone. 

So, it makes sense in 2024 for advertisers to go a step further with their OOH campaigns and try to capture the attention of local audiences on their mobile devices with display ads. 

With Drovo, not only can you reach audiences outdoors, but you can also retarget them with complimentary digital ads delivered to their mobile devices through shadowfencing technology (a mobile virtual fence that moves with the vehicle).

Higher Levels of Engagement

Adding hyperlocal OOH targeting that relates to outdoor audiences’ immediate surroundings is far more likely to engage audiences

In October, AB Inbev ran a hyperlocal targeted campaign to drive sales and engagement for their newly launched Romola beer. 

Each ad announced the closest venue serving Romola beer. This campaign proved the power of hyper targeted OOH and demonstrated how to drive local audience interest in your products.

Connect with Your Target Demographic 

When you are focussing on a specific audience demographic, you will be keen to create your OOH advertising strategy based on their audience persona and demographic group. 

Are you a sports brand looking to target male adults in the surrounding area of Arsenal’s Emirates Football stadium in London? Show your latest men’s clothing lines to audiences in the local area in and around the stadium with Drovo’s high-resolution on-vehicle screens. 

At Drovo, we also provide advertisers with the option of programmatic buying. The efficiency of programmatic means fast campaign activation and the ability to optimise during the campaign based on performance. 

Hyperlocal OOH Targeting Is Perfect When Promoting a New Store Opening

Hyperlocal OOH campaign targeting is perfect for new store openings and resonating with local audiences. Maximise awareness of your store opening date with local audiences through your targeted OOH efforts.

Drovo’s on-vehicle screens will help you make an impact on local pedestrians, shoppers, cyclists, and motorists as they travel through the community.   

If you fancy a different approach to promoting your local store, Drovo also offers bespoke taxi swarms, an impactful advertising strategy that involves a coordinated fleet of vehicles driving in a specific place at a chosen time to maximise campaign exposure when and where it matters most. 

Drovo’s swarm activations can also include:

  • Brand ambassadors to facilitate product sampling
  • Bespoke VIP transport experiences
On-vehicle screen campaign

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