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Drovo wrapped Black Taxi in London

Why Transit Media?

  • Positive Brand Image

    98% of consumers love the positive brand image that vehicle graphics create.

  • Brand Recognition

    98% of the population experience OOH advertising at least once a week.

  • High Visibility Formats

    90% of consumers find wrapped taxis super easy to spot.

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Why Drovo?

  • Real Time Tracking

    Monitor every vehicle involved in your campaign with Drovo's Tracking Dashboard, ensuring insights and accountability.

  • 100% Carbon Neutral

    Automatically offset the carbon footprint of every campaign you run with Drovo.

  • Dynamic OOH Formats

    Advertise dynamically on our digital screen offering as well as on our traditional OOH formats.

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Drovo wrapped Black Taxi in London

Choose the perfect format for your campaign

Drovo's Black Taxi

Black Taxi

Wrapped taxis stand out effortlessly, with 90% of consumers finding them easy to spot.

Drovo's Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Benefit from Drovo's larger formats ensuring consistent mileage and high visibility across the UK.

Drovo's EV Private Vehicles

EV Private Vehicles

Tap into our 50,000+ driver network and reach audiences that conventional OOH can't reach.

Reach out to Drovo's OOH experts and define your perfect campaign

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Your brand on the move - Digital Screens

Boost your brand's visibility and engagement and make sure your message is seen by the right people, at the right place and time. Drovo utilises sophisticated geotargetting and programmatic capabilities to deliver your digital ads.

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Not Your Average OOH Campaign

OOH Campaign Measurement and Transparency

Track Every Vehicle

Track your vehicle's real time locations for an accurate representation of impressions, reach and overall campaign success.

Gather Multiple Vehicles

Gather Multiple Vehicles

We make event domination and viral PR stunts easy. Take over a target location, activate a product and transport VIP guests with Drovo.

Bridge OOH and Digital

Bridge OOH and Digital

Using Drovo's shadowfencing technology, you can retarget your moving audience to maximise campaign ROI.

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