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Advertise on your vehicle and earn while you drive

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How drovo works

Start earning while you drive

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    Get matched

    When a campaign matches your vehicle type and location, you'll be invited to take part.

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    Get wrapped

    If interested, get your vehicle branded with our professional wrapping partners to get started.

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    Get paid

    Drive and receive monthly payments directly to your account.

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Why drive with Drovo?

Drive with Drovo to increase your monthly income

  • Earn substantial monthly passive income for driving as usual
  • Access additional benefits from Drovo’s partners
  • Drovo offsets all your vehicle's CO2 emissions when you’re in a campaign
  • Additional earning opportunities through campaign events and photoshoots.
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Get moving

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Drovo's quality assurance

  • Sustainable and high quality wrapping
  • Safe and secure wrapping and unwrapping process
  • Hassle-free installation and removal at a convenient time and location
  • Seamless and automated monthly payments
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  • Does wrapping my vehicle affect my insurance?
  • Will wrapping my vehicle affect my license (PCO, Taxi or similar)?
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