What Is Shadowfencing? 

Shadowfencing for on-vehicle Out-of-Home advertising campaigns is a mobile geofence that ‘shadows’ and moves with the vehicle displaying the ad wherever it travels. The mobile GPS data for the taxi wrap or car screen automatically changes the targeting parameters to deliver ads to people on their mobile or apps within a matter of meters from the moving vehicle.

It doesn’t matter if those in close proximity to the moving transit ad aren’t on their mobile devices at the exact time the vehicle ad passes by. Shadowfencing for on-vehicle campaigns enables advertisers to retarget an OOH audience, so the ad appears on their mobile devices later on, when they are no longer within the mobile geofence.

Shadowfencing is a precise way to advertise to passersby of transit on-vehicle ads. Since we have the UK’s carbon-neutral network of transit media vehicles and managed to recently receive £3 million in funding, we know a thing or two about shadowfencing here at Drovo. 

Let’s break it down and take a closer look at how shadowfencing works.

How Does Shadowfencing Improve OOH Campaigns?

Bridging Offline and Online Advertising

Advertising on a vehicle is great for brand awareness, but audiences today spend lots of time on their mobile when out and about. A report in January 2023 revealed that people in the UK spend 4 hours and 14 minutes on their mobile phones daily.  

It is high time that a disruptive market force created a bridge between Out-of-Home and digital advertising, and at Drovo, we are that force! The shadowfencing feature leveraged in our DOOH campaigns crucially helps to bridge that gap and ensure you are able to continue the conversation with passersby in close proximity to the taxi or private vehicle and display your ads to them while they browse through mobile content and apps.

Move with Your Audience 

Everyone is constantly on the move nowadays, stand still, and you’ll find yourself getting left behind. The same is true in the modern Out-of-Home advertising game. At Drovo, the shadowfencing feature we offer helps you move with your audience and maximise the reach of your campaigns. We provide you with the largest street-level audience in the UK. 

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Shadowfencing Leaves a Real Impact on Your Target Audience

Great memorable OOH campaigns create a buzz and get people talking about a brand, both online and offline. The shadowfencing technology we offer at Drovo helps you leave an impact on audiences not only by putting aesthetically appealing taxi wraps or LED car screen advertisements on private vehicles but also by displaying creative targeted display ads on consumers’ mobiles.

Want to increase your engagements or conversions on mobile devices in your DOOH campaigns? Shadowfencing allows you to do just that. 

When it comes to how impactful DOOH advertising is, in the graph below you will see that in a 2022 consumer survey, 80% of UK consumers found DOOH ads informative, 31% entertaining, and 10% said they left a strong impression on them. Drovo’s on-vehicle campaigns harness shadowfencing technology to leave an impact and encourage meaningful engagements from OOH audiences. 

Consumer perception of DOOH advertising in the UK graph.

Shadowfencing for Brand Awareness

The goal of your OOH campaigns will be to put your ads in front of the eyes of your target audience and increase brand awareness. The benefit of shadowfencing is that it allows you to raise brand awareness by simultaneously targeting your online and offline audiences.

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Shadowfencing Provides Attribution for Your OOH Campaigns

In the past, attributing success to OOH campaigns was difficult for brands. Enter shadowfencing. Drovo’s shadowfencing real-time data is able to determine offline to online attribution. For instance, rises in footfall at a store can be linked to an increase in clicks from corresponding complimentary digital display ads in our transit media campaigns. 

Having more clarity over the attribution and the root of successes in OOH campaigns will help you be more confident about what works and this will influence your future advertising strategies for the better.

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing in OOH campaigns is when GPS technology creates a virtual geographic boundary and software triggers a response whenever a mobile device enters or moves out of a designated area. Geofencing therefore makes it possible to target mobile and app users in your Out-of-Home campaigns in a certain area.

At Drovo, our DOOH campaigns draw on a combination of geotargeting and shadowfencing to target mobile users.

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