How to Leverage Transit Media Advertising for Young Adults

Adding transit media advertising to your OOH plan makes perfect sense.

Transit media formats help brands make an impact on outdoor audiences, maximise street-level reach, move in crowded cities, and improve brand awareness.

For example, in a car advertising survey, 62% of people felt that car wrap advertisements have an effective impact on a brand’s credibility, and 74% of motorists said they think vehicle wraps have a positive impact on brand image.

Looking out for prime UK locations to connect with the young adult audience through transit media campaigns?

Birmingham, for instance, is an ideal place for transit media campaigns targeted at younger audiences since 40 % of the city’s population is under 25 years old, making it the youngest city in Europe.

What Makes Transit Media Advertising Useful for Brands?

Firstly, there is plenty of OOH advertising in cities today in all sorts of different formats, and transit media advertising helps you cut through all the noise. How so? Well, transit media advertising enables brands to reach both mass and local audiences to amplify their messaging and increase consumer awareness of the products and services they offer.

Moving transit media advertisements are memorable for outdoor audiences. Unlike television ads, which viewers can easily turn off, it is hard for outdoor audiences to miss a large ad on the side of a taxi. 

Transit media thus puts your brand in front of outdoor audiences’ eyes to increase brand visibility.

Now let’s explore some ideas on how to leverage transit media advertising to engage younger audiences.

Increase Your Visibility With Younger Audiences

In order to ensure the visibility of your transit media campaign is high amongst young adults, make sure they are continually exposed to your ads.

In short, you want to roll out transit media advertising campaigns in the urban spaces that young people tend to visit. At Drovo, we provide trackable taxi advertising campaigns that regularly pass through locations such as:

  • Cities or boroughs with particularly high populations of young people (we operate in 13 UK cities in total, including London, Birmingham, and Manchester)
  • High traffic points of interest in cities that youngsters often visit, like colleges, universities, shopping centres and so on.
Drovo taxi campaign

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Add a Digital Element to Your Transit Media Advertising Campaigns 

With Drovo’s taxi campaigns, a mobile geofence (shadowfence) moves with the taxi and delivers a complementary display ad to the mobile devices of consumers within a 200-metre radius, as well as to passengers travelling inside the taxi. 

The shadowfencing technology we incorporate into our full wrap taxi campaigns at Drovo comes with a retargeting capability. With Drovo taxi advertising, brands are able to follow up with digital ads on the mobile devices of audiences. 

Shadowfencing also brings Out-of-Home advertising into audiences’ homes through cross-device retargeting, with follow up ads also appearing on Connected TVs, tablets, and laptops. 

This technology also leads to

  • Increased Click- Through Rates and mobile engagements 
  • Raised brand awareness by capitalising on audiences’ recency and recall
  • Amplifying the overall value of your outdoor transit media

In a shadowfencing real life study for a campaign in the US, outdoor viewers retargeted through shadowfenced ads received 83% more clicks than audiences retargeted with geofencing. 

Shadowfencing is all about adding a digital component to your transit media efforts. Younger audiences in their 20s are ‘digital natives’ and will be more likely to spend lots of time on their phones, so use shadowfencing as a way to put your ads in front of them.

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Closely Monitor Campaign Data to Inform Your Future Transit Media Decisions

You can also leverage moving transit media to engage and connect with younger audiences better by analysing your campaign data and looking at how it performed from the numbers. 

Drovo’s vehicle tracking dashboard enables you to track your taxi campaign vehicles in real-time. Use the dashboard to access updates on live impressions, distance travelled, and the exact urban locations that each vehicle in the campaign has visited.

We offer fully trackable campaigns on iconic London taxis that grasp the attention of younger audiences, as well as taxi campaigns in 12 other UK cities including Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and more.

The tracking capabilities mean we give you the total distance travelled by each vehicle in the campaign. We ensure that all taxi campaigns are sustainable and we offset 100% of carbon emissions with our offsetting partner.

Here is a demo video of the dashboard showing how to use it.

Dynamic DOOH Responds to Real-world Triggers

Drovo’s dynamic on-vehicle screens in London respond to real-world triggers, such as changes in the weather. Our screen offering is therefore ideal for brands looking to send contextually relevant ads to the right audience at the right time. 

For example, a summer beach clothing brand can have its ad automatically featured on one of our on-vehicle screens whenever the temperature outside reaches above 23C. 

Combine Transit Media Advertising with Other Forms of OOH

Successful Out-of-Home advertising is all about taking a mixed media approach to make an impact on audiences and encourage them to interact with your brand. 

Transit media mobile billboards will add to and complement your static OOH billboards.

Augment the Value of Your Transit Media Advertising with Unique Brand Activations

Brand activations add an extra ingredient and dimension to your transit media campaigns, and help you interact better with younger outdoor audiences in an organic way. 

At Drovo, we also provide brand activations that raise the value of your taxi campaigns, including:

  • Taxi Swarms in the streets around a set location of your choice at a specific date and time.
  • Handing out product samples to outdoor audiences near specific locations.
  • VIP transfers – Pick up brand ambassadors and/or important people (C-level managers, VIPs etc) in a branded taxi to provide them with an exciting 360° experience.

For example, for the Paco Rabanne launch of the Fame perfume to shoppers on Oxford Street during London fashion week we ran a hybrid taxi swarm and a brand ambassador handed out 5,000 samples to on-street audiences throughout the day.

Drovo’s brand activation managed to add an exciting extra interactive dimension to Paco Rabanne’s Out-of-Home advertising strategy.

Drovo taxi campaign with Expleo

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