A Guide to London Taxi Advertising Campaigns

Looking to run Out-of-Home campaigns that connect with large urban audiences in an impactful and memorable way? Activating your brand through London taxi advertising campaigns is an ideal solution.

Drovo specialises in taxi advertising, having collaborated with world-class brands including American Express, Hyatt, Uniqlo, Paco Rabanne, Steve Madden, and many more household names.

Continue reading to learn more about the key value and benefits of taxi advertising in London, and how Drovo is changing the game when it comes to this iconic media format.

Why Advertise on London Taxis? 

Leveraging branded black taxis as part of your strategy for OOH advertising in London enables you to move with your audience.

In 2024, the world is fast-moving and frenetic, people do not stay in one place for long. Taxis reach consumers through various stages along their daily journey, having the opportunity to impact them in various ways.

The data in the graph below from the Department of Transport shows that London has the highest number of taxis in England, with 10.9 taxis per 1,000 of the population in the capital.

With this volume of taxis, the format is extremely effective at delivering high reach and frequency throughout a campaign.

The Benefits of London Taxi Advertising

There are countless advantages to running London taxi advertising campaigns. Let’s delve into them.

High Audience Reach 

Not only is London home to 9 million people, but the city also welcomes hoards of tourists every year. According to Visit Britain, there were 5.4 million tourist visits to the city compared to 4.7 million to the rest of England in Q3 of 2023. This means you can get extremely high levels of audience reach through your London taxi advertising campaigns. 

Build Your Brand Awareness with London Taxi Advertising

A clear benefit of running a London taxi advertising campaign is the results it provides for generating brand awareness.

To further enhance your campaign visibility in London, Drovo also provides ‘taxi swarms’. Is there a specific location you want to activate around, or an event you want to target? Our taxi swarms are an ideal solution.

Below is a video of a taxi swarm campaign we ran for Malone Souliers in the local streets surrounding Harrods London.

Drovo taxi campaign with Formula E in front of London eye.

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Attract an International Audience 

And finally, another benefit of taxi advertising in London is its ability to attract international audiences. As one of the most famous cities in the world, London welcomes a huge number of visitors each year, meaning your campaign influence can extend far beyond the UK.

The Difference with Drovo’s London Taxi Advertising Campaigns

We’ve reviewed the benefits of taxi advertising. Now let’s highlight the key advantages of partnering with Drovo for your next taxi media campaign.

Bridge the Gap Between Online & Offline Campaigns

Through Drovo’s shadowfencing technology, Drovo bridges the gap between offline and online channels, extending your campaign reach from taxis to mobile devices. By identifying audiences exposed to your taxi advert, shadowfencing technology re-targets audiences on their mobile devices at various locations and times depending on your campaign strategy. This provides an amplifying effect, further reinforcing your OOH messaging and helping to drive consumers further down the funnel.

We’re all about embracing technology at Drovo, and shadowfencing is a great example of this.

Access Live Campaign Monitoring

When running a taxi advertising campaign, it’s important to know that you’re getting what you paid for. Drovo’s proprietary live campaign tracking dashboard provides you with accurate real-time delivery data, including impressions across various locations.

Drovo’s dashboard is game-changing for this format, providing unparalleled transparency and accountability. This is also not just something we offer in London, but we also provide it across 12 other UK cities.

Focus on Sustainable London Taxi Advertising Campaigns

London is a green city home to around 3,000 parks. Focussing on sustainable advertising is therefore important for the conservation of our planet and protecting the capital’s picturesque landscapes.

That is precisely why we offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated by our campaigns, use 100% recyclable non-PVC taxi wrapping materials, and encourage the use of TXE hybrid taxis.

The team at Drovo is composed of media industry experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the taxi media industry.

Drovo Global X taxi campaign London

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