OOH Advertising in London – How to Make an Impact in 2024

London is and always will be a buzzing commercial hub that is home to UK and international businesses. 

There is a mammoth amount of businesses based in the capital, with there being a recorded 1.04 million private sector enterprises based in London in 2024. On top of this, there are companies from a broad spectrum of sectors competing to advertise in London and reach outdoor audiences in outdoor spaces. 

There’s so much retail choice for consumers in London, particularly when you consider eCommerce and digital shopping options. 

So, how do you ensure your Out-of-Home advertising in London in 2024 makes a real impact and cuts through the noise effectively by connecting with customers in a way that raises brand awareness and ultimately boosts your conversions? 

At Drovo Media, running transit media campaigns that make an impact on outdoor audiences in London is our bread and butter. 

Our creative sleek taxi wraps and exciting bright LED moving on-vehicle screens do a stellar job of attracting the eyes’ of audiences and creating a palpable buzz around your brand.

Carry on reading to learn more about how to make an impact with your OOH advertising in London in 2024.

Research the Urban Spaces Your Target Audience Frequents 

The key to successful OOH advertising in London is always doing your research to make sure you know your audience inside out. 

A big part of knowing your audience and adjusting your OOH advertising strategy in the capital accordingly is researching the places they frequent.

Need help connecting with a target audience in a particular borough of London? 

Our on-vehicle OOH advertising campaigns hold the solution. Run a campaign on Drovo digital advertising screens, the programmatic technology will enable the screens to respond in real-time to real-world triggers to effectively show different contextually relevant ads in different boroughs. Our dynamic digital OOH screens will maximise your impressions where they really matter most for your brand.

At Drovo, we are committed to using the latest technology so that advertisers manage to effectively target their audiences in London.

Drovo taxi campaign with Formula E in front of London eye.

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Move with Your Audience

Why run static display ad campaigns in a fast-moving city where people are constantly on the move? 

Instead, make an impact on your audience when advertising in London by moving and navigating through the city with them. 

Moving with your audience and exposing them to your OOH advertisements multiple times will help to improve brand awareness and recognition.

Research demonstrates that consumers who saw an advertisement 10 or more times had greater purchase intentions than consumers with less exposure.

Out-of-Home transit media advertising, like we offer at Drovo, enables you to move with audiences, and helps you to make a greater impact on commuters, pedestrians, motorists, and people out shopping. 

We are proud to have the largest UK network of carbon-neutral transit media. Sustainable advertising is an important issue to us, thus we have put measure in place to ensure all miles travelled by our vehicle are 100% carbon offset.

Does moving with your audience in eye-catching on-vehicle OOH advertising in London appeal to you? 

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Hyper Target Your Audience 

You know roughly where your audience is in London, but you may be unsure about how to geotarget your OOH campaigns in a way that makes a real impact and difference. 

After all, London is a big place with a population of over 9 million potential customers, so, targeting a niche audience with your Out-of-Home advertisements can at first seem like picking out a needle in a haystack! 

For businesses rolling out OOH advertising in London, Drovo offers cutting-edge geotargeting technology that moves with your target audience and ensures granular targeting for your on-vehicle campaigns. 

In addition, we also send complementary display ads to the mobile devices of your target audience as our branded vehicle passes by. 

This way, you hit your hyper target audience with two stones, with both the Out-of-Home physical ad on the vehicle and a mobile ad. 

An ideal way to ensure your brand connects with customers across multiple touch points and get them interested in purchasing from you on their mobiles. 

Here our Chief Revenue Officer and programmatic advertising specialist at Drovo, Frederic Lutt, gives his insights into how our shadowfencing feature helps you hyper target your audience.

Augmenting your traditional taxi advertising with digital is a very attractive proposition.  You can make sure that the audience in proximity of the taxi or in the taxi itself is exposed to your message further when they browse content on their mobile devices.  Shadowfencing is a technologically advanced way to continue the conversation with your target audience and drive conversions on your website, app or physical store.

Frederic Lutt

Chief Revenue Officer at Drovo

Monitor the Progress of Your OOH Campaigns Properly

Have you had a real headache with trying to monitor your OOH campaigns?

Have you found that you have been unable to get important real-time data to keep up to date on how your campaigns are performing? You cannot get such live data with London bus campaigns, for instance. 

Fortunately, thanks to the live vehicle campaign dashboard our team have worked hard on creating at Drovo, anyone advertising in London now has heaps more transparency over the progress of their OOH campaigns by being able to monitor them in real-time. 

Drovo’s live tracking dashboard gives you key real-time data insights, such as audience impressions and miles driven, by each vehicle and the London boroughs where these were generated.

Use our dashboard to focus on specific areas of London, such as central London. As you see here, our client managed to gain the vast majority of their impressions in ‘interested areas’, meaning their taxi wrap advertisements were shown to audiences in the neighbourhoods they were targeting. 

Drovo dashboard

Our dashboard gives brands and advertisers more oversight and accountability over the progress of their OOH campaigns in London. Find out more about how our intuitive live tracking dashboard works in the video below.

Advertising in London with Taxi Swarms for Maximum Audience Impact

Taxi swarms generate palpable hype and captivate the attention of local street-level audiences. 

Opening a new store soon and want to drive footfall to it? 

Just picture branded taxis in a swarm carrying your unique taxi wraps circulating up and down around your local store in London, this will create excitement and raise awareness amongst locals and street-level audiences.

Advertising in London soon? 

You will be glad to hear that we offer taxi swarms of 3+ iconic sleek London taxis circulating local streets around your chosen location for 2-8 hours+ in duration. The taxi swarm event we hosted for Malone Souliers for the Harrods Shoe Heaven opening day in London was a success, take a look at it in the video below.

Distribute Product Samples to Outdoor Audiences in London

Are you a brand wanting to introduce your new product to audiences and assess their reaction and feedback? What better way to gauge the feeling of outdoor audiences towards your product(s) than handing it out to on-street audiences and seeing their reaction? 

We provide ambassadors to hand out samples of your products to audiences as a brand activation for iconic London taxi campaigns. In a campaign that we organised for Paco Rabanne, we handed out 5,000 samples on Oxford Street of the brand’s new perfume that was being launched, Fame, during London Fashion Week.

Drovo’s product sampling brand activation generates awareness of your new product that leads to new customers down the line.

Use QR Codes for Your OOH Advertising Campaigns in London

Another simple way to uplift on-street audience engagements with your Out-of-Home campaigns in London is to use QR codes in your ads! 

Whether it’s a billboard, poster, digital screen, or an advert at a bus stop, or train station, a well-placed QR code helps to get Out-of-Home audiences interested in your brand in a matter of seconds.

McDonald’s is an example of a brand that has pushed QR code promotions offering special customer deals in their advertising campaigns to great effect. McDonald’s is a well-known international fast food brand that has been featured in popular films over the years. 

The Mcdonald’s ‘As Featured In’ campaign decided to lean on this by giving customers packaging that features a QR code that leads them to an interactive experience allowing them to watch key film scenes in which the Mcdonald’s items were featured. 

Drovo Global X taxi campaign London

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