Malone Souliers: Campaign of the Moment

We’re very proud of the Malone Souliers brand campaign on Drovo’s broadcast London electric taxis.

The Malone Souliers wrapped taxis – including our premium electric taxi offering – are currently on the streets of London, driving cut through and high street impact.

These taxis formed part of a wider campaign influencing their target audiences across London – and a Malone Souliers branded taxi was on hand at the launch of the Malone Souliers Shoe Heaven concession at Harrods.

So far, Malone Souliers branded taxis have generated 950,686 impressions and driven 4,956.73 miles!

The campaign is fully accountable using our bespoke client dashboard (Click here to see it in action!

All of the carbon emissions from this campaign will be offset with our carbon offsetting partner.

Thanks to Malone Souliers, it’s been a pleasure working together!