The Benefits of Taxi Advertising in Manchester

Running Out-of-Home ad campaigns in the bustling city of Manchester gives you access to an audience of just under 600,000 residents, approximately 3 million including Greater Manchester. 

Taxi Advertising reaches a broad audience of both locals and visitors in cities like Manchester. Taxis provide a unique, iconic opportunity to make an impact on everyday urban audiences and event audiences alike. 

Have you ever considered running measurable taxi advertising campaigns that chime with outdoor audiences? Out-of-Home advertising is no doubt a results-based business.  

Manchester is Drovo’s second-largest taxi fleet available in the UK.

Your Reach Is Extensive with Taxi Advertising in Manchester with Drovo 

The benefit of taxi campaigns is their ability to reach a wide audience, which other static OOH formats may not be able to access. Taxi advertising in Manchester increases your brand reach and your ability to target hard to reach consumers.

The “Better Than You Think” Rustlers black taxi campaign Drovo ran in Manchester and Liverpool with exclusive Swarms where 20 branded vehicles strategically ‘swarmed’ competitive retailers at specific times generated 6,750,884 impressions in 5 weeks. View the results of the Rustlers Manchester Campaign here.

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Connect with Audiences Through Impactful Taxi Campaigns in Central Manchester

According to the Nielsen 2019 Out-of-Home Advertising Study, taxis spend 95% of their time in busy city centres.

Looking to advertise on taxis in central Manchester? Here are some key events and locations to base your taxi campaigns around and ensure you maximise the eyeballs in the city centre for your ads

  • The Arndale Shopping Centre
  • Manchester Pride
  • Manchester City and Manchester United 
  • University of Manchester 
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • The National Football Museum
  • Manchester Cathedral 

On top of these prime locations and events, there are plenty of offices and businesses located in central Manchester, meaning there are always lots of people walking around central Manchester throughout the week on their way to and from work and during lunch breaks. So, imagine the high impact you could have on Out-of-Home audiences in Manchester city centre with sleek full taxi wrap campaigns?

Advertising to Students in Manchester

The student market there is gigantic and you will be able to reach and connect with them in your taxi campaigns in the city. According to a survey conducted by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, there were a total of 120,670 students in 5 universities across Greater Manchester. 

Out-of-Home advertisements incorporating social media engagement on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok could have a greater impact on Manchester student audiences. After all, Gen Z are ‘digital natives’, meaning they spend a lot of their time browsing products and services online, including video product reviews on TikTok. 

However, the student audience is broader than you may think and not limited to youngsters. For instance, 50% of part-time students are 30-50 years old. Therefore, taxi campaigns in areas near universities also have the potential to connect with 30+ year olds, not only young people aged 18-23. 

Manchester Taxi Advertising Is Ideal for Sports Brands 

Advertise at Old Trafford and the Etihad, home of EPL football giants Manchester United and Manchester City. As well as football stadiums, the city is also the Olympic-standard National Cycling Centre venue at the Velodrome. Manchester is a genuine hub for sports fanatics.

Make an impact on Manchester sports fans through taxi advertising. Deploy taxis that target sports spectators and enthusiasts around key events or popular fan zone locations. The unique access you get to this audience is beneficial for fashion, sporting, fitness, food and beverage, and gambling brands. 

Leverage the Mindset of Sports Audiences with Your Taxi Campaigns in Manchester 

When sportsgoers are out of about, they have an active mindset and are therefore more susceptible to outdoor advertisements spiking their interest.

A research report shows that audiences feel more connected to outdoor space since the pandemic began, and 66% of adults in October 2020 said they would respond to an Out-of-Home ad out of interest. The same research also showed that OOH is now driving more people to go online, with 55% of those surveyed saying they search, review and compare products after seeing OOH ads. 

Monitoring Your Manchester Taxi Advertising

The Drovo live campaign dashboard filled with real-time data makes monitoring your Manchester taxi advertising campaigns down to the minute or hour nice and simple. Brands are able to access their campaign results at any time to check in on real-time updates related to on-street impressions, the miles travelled by each vehicle, and view proof of postings giving them peace of mind in knowing that the vehicles are on the road and the taxi wraps are in great condition.

Drovo taxi campaign with Formula E in front of London eye.

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Retarget Your Manchester Target Audience on Their Mobile Devices

When out and about, people spend a great deal of time browsing their mobile phones these days, and plenty of consumers make purchases on them too! A study in 2023 found that 69% of online purchases in the UK are made on smartphone devices. 

Graph of most common devices for online purchases in the UK 2023.

Shadowfencing is a dynamic geofencing which follows your taxi as it moves. For taxi advertising in Manchester, Drovo’s shadowfencing feature works by delivering a complimentary ad to audiences’ mobile devices as the branded vehicle passes in immediate proximity and to those travelling in the taxi itself. The retargeting element of shadowfencing means follow up digital ads are sent out to outdoor audiences a few days after they first entered your mobile geofence. 

Drovo is truly changing the game by embracing modern technology to bridge the gap between Out-of-Home and digital advertising.

Quality Assured Taxi Wrapping Specialists  

Drovo’s team of taxi wrapping specialists offer you high quality and eyecatching non-PVC 100% recyclable wraps for your Manchester taxi advertising campaigns. 

We pride ourselves on assuring quality and providing brands and advertisers with a white-glove taxi campaign service from our dedicated taxi wrapping fulfilment team. With Drovo, you receive bi-weekly proof of posting footage to reassure you that your branded taxi vehicle in Manchester is carrying the wrap and is well-maintained and in top working condition. 

Sustainable Manchester Taxi Advertising Campaigns

At Drovo, we take sustainable advertising seriously. Therefore, when you run a Manchester taxi advertising campaign with us, you will receive a unique link from our offsetting partner ‘Furthr’ which will inform you how much CO2 was offset and what carbon-reducing initiatives were used. 

We look after our drivers by making sure we pay them a fair revenue for our taxi campaigns. In line with our company values of prioritising sustainable advertising, we also actively incentivise electrical vehicle adoption by paying electric vehicle drivers more than combustible drivers. 

Drovo Global X taxi campaign London

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