Why Drovo Prioritises Sustainable Advertising

There is no planet B, and transit media therefore needs to step up and take a sensible sustainable advertising approach to campaigns. The Mayor has set a target for London to become a zero carbon city by 2050, and we are doing our bit here at Drovo with our carbon-neutral network of black cabs.

Let’s explore a few reasons why Drovo is a transit media outlet that has chosen to take sustainability seriously and reduce the environmental impact of our campaigns. 

Sustainable Advertising Helps Protect the Planet

First and foremost, we want to help protect this beautiful planet of ours and preserve its natural beauty and splendour for our grandchildren to enjoy to the fullest. London is home to 4,000+ parks with plenty of green space to explore. 

Like many global cities, London faces sustainability challenges. At Drovo, we like to think of solutions to challenges. We are a sustainable advertising business that believes that being proactive to protect the planet is the right futureproof way to go about things.

Carry on reading to find out about what we do to ensure we protect the environment at Drovo. 

We Encourage Electric Vehicle Adoption with Driver Incentives 

To put it simply, we promote electric vehicle adoption by paying our electric vehicle drivers more. It’s a win-win, drivers earn a nice amount of extra cash, and we contribute to help preserve nature. 

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We Carbon Offset All Our Vehicles’ Emissions

To protect the environment, reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is important. That’s why we at Drovo make sure we carbon offset all our transmit media vehicles’ emissions. It’s what we believe in. 

When we say we carbon offset all our emissions and are carbon-neutral, we use our partner Furthr (certified by the global leaders in climate action) to invest in high-quality renewable energy projects for every mile our vehicles drive in campaigns. We do this at Drovo to remove carbon from the atmosphere and do our bit to protect the planet.

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Transparency Is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Transparency is a value we hold dearly at Drovo. That involves being transparent and open with advertisers and drivers about how sustainable advertising is a vital focus for us and it is not something that we overlook or take lightly. 

Hence, being transparent about our commitment to being a carbon-neutral transit media organisation and keeping it that way is a crucial pillar behind everything we do. 

Our live dashboard also aligns nicely with the importance Drovo places on transparency. The goal of our dashboard is for advertisers to be able to accurately track and monitor the traction and impressions from taxis or private vehicle campaigns. Our real-time dashboard will make sure you aren’t left in the dark about the progress of your transit media campaigns. 

Digital Out-of-Home Screens Are Another Modern Sustainable Advertising Option

With traditional OOH advertising such as printed billboards in public spaces, there can be a fair amount of waste that goes on with printing materials and installation. In our taxi advertising campaigns, we use non-PVC 100% recyclable materials.

The DOOH digital advertising screen campaigns on private vehicles with fairly paid drivers that we provide is another sustainable advertising solution we offer, and there is little to no waste from the screens. They are even powered by the brakes, saving energy. 


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Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Is Here to Stay

We fully understand that programmatic Digital Out-of-Home advertising is the future and that it is our responsibility in transit media to run sustainable prDOOH ads. This is why at Drovo, we make sure all our transit campaigns are sustainable. For instance, we promote the use of EV vehicles amongst our drivers through financial incentives and carbon offsetting all emissions. 

Yes, we are excited about Drovo being at the heart of the programmatic digital Out-of-Home advertising industry, and our digital screens look pretty awesome. But we also appreciate the importance of sustainable advertising and being citizens of the world who care for the planet. 

At Drovo, we see it as our duty to run campaigns that advertisers and drivers know to be sustainable before they are launched. We prioritise sustainable advertising because we understand the role it plays in helping to preserve the natural wonders of planet Earth.