How to Leverage DOOH Advertising with Car Screens

Digital Out-of-Home advertising only first appeared in the UK around 15 years ago. Today, digital billboards, digital street furniture, and interactive digital touch screens at bus shelters, and train and tube stations are commonplace. Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home advertising spending is projected to rise by 31% in the next 15 years as advertisers increasingly try to integrate progDOOH into multi-channel campaigns.

But what about the potential of DOOH advertising transit media using car screens? At Drovo Media, we are at the forefront of DOOH technology. Our LED on-vehicle digital advertising screens in London move with your audience and bolster your on-street impressions, visibility, and brand awareness in the capital. People trust our digital advertising screens and technology, hence we recently received a Series A investment funding round.

Carry on reading to learn more about how DOOH advertising with car screens works, and how to leverage it.

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising with Car Screens 

Car top advertising screens have been around in China and other countries across the continent of Asia for a few years now, but Drovo is the first to bring them to the UK market. 

Our car screens enable advertisers to maximise brand exposure while at the same time allowing drivers to earn themselves a nice extra income. Want a better way to make sure your brand stands out in your Digital Out-of-Home campaigns this winter? Drovo’s LED rooftop advertising screens certainly do that. 

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Tap into a Large ‘Street-Level Audience’

There are benefits to having a street-level audience in London all able to view your on-car screens. Your rooftop advertising screens will be placed at the eye level of

  • Motorists
  • Pedestrians
  • People waiting at bus stops
  • Shoppers
  • Commuters

The reach potential for DOOH car screen advertisements is enormous since they allow you to tap into these vast street-level audience groups.

The ability to put your ads in front of the eyes of motorists in the capital alone (before you even think of reach opportunities with pedestrians) can have a mammoth impact on street audiences. Even during the pandemic in 2022 when London traffic levels significantly declined, 19.1 billion miles of traffic were still driven in London, according to the Department for Transport. Imagine what you could do in 2024 if you used digital car screen campaigns to connect with audiences?!

We have the largest transit media fleet in the UK at Drovo. We know the London Digital Out-of-Home market like the back of our hand and the city is where we were founded! Adhering to sustainable advertising practices is a responsibility we take seriously. Our digital car screens for campaigns are powered by the vehicle brakes – saving energy, and 100% of emissions from our campaigns are carbon offset in collaboration with our offsetting partner, Furthr.

Shadowfencing and Digital Car Screens

Innovative technology is at the front and centre of DOOH advertising in 2024, embrace it or be prepared to find yourself left behind by more competitors with more tech-savvy campaigns.

The shadowfencing technology we utilise to connect with outdoor audiences means car screens in DOOH campaigns deliver a complementary display ad set to a consumer’s device as the branded vehicle passes them by in immediate proximity. In this way, we are bridging the gap between Digital Out-of-Home and offline Out-of-Home advertising here at Drovo.

Programmatic DOOH Slashes Set Up Times for Digital Car Screen Campaigns

One of the reasons programmatic DOOH is taking off is because setting up new on-car digital ad campaigns is so easy. In times gone by, you typically had to pay someone for their labour to go and install a printed Out-of-Home billboard. 

Thanks to the efficiency of programmatic technology, car screen campaigns are now able to start appearing on vehicle rooftops in a matter of minutes.

Car Screen Displays Will Make Your DOOH Campaigns Original

Advertising a brand with illuminated car screens is something. It is a Digital Out-of-Home campaign tactic that is sure to catch your target audience’s attention and make them much more inclined to want to know more about your brand and eventually buy one of your products. 

Your car screen ads need to be original, captivating, colourful, and leave a lasting impression on your target audience in order to help spread your brand message and raise brand awareness. 

Guess what? People are much more likely to buy from you if your Out-of-Home advertising campaigns are memorable and keep your brand at the very forefront of their minds. A lot of selling products and services is about how they are presented to the consumer. 

Drovo’s high-quality double-sided on-vehicle screens able to show full-motion videos and automatically adjust to ambient light levels outdoors present your product or service in a smooth and impactful way to outdoor audiences. 

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