Why Brands Should Embrace DOOH Advertising in 2024

Advertising is a competitive business, with each agency trying to outcompete and outperform the others to get the best ad exposure for their brands. According to Ibis World, there were. 17,015 advertising agencies in the UK in 2023, up by 0.6% from 2022. Adapting to the digital world of today and DOOH advertising must be a priority for modern forward-thinking agencies and brands.  

If you don’t embrace the numerous digital advertising methods available in 2024, you will find yourself getting left behind in no time by your brand competition. Woolworths is an example of a major high street brand that went out of business after failing to adapt to the digital transformation of retail. 

You need to get results from your campaigns. Digital Out-of-Home advertising, such as digital billboards, signage, and digital transit media, is the new more effective method of engaging in an impactful way with Out-of-Home audiences. This helps to explain why DOOH revenues grew by 15.9% in Q3 of 2023 compared to Q3 of 2022, according to data from an industry report by PWC

Here, we at Drovo Media explain a bit more about why brands should embrace DOOH advertising in 2024.

The Latest DOOH Technologies Improve Your Campaign Targeting Capabilities 

With there being such a huge number of brands out there, how do you make sure your out-of-home ads stand out from the crowd? The answer is by doing a stellar job of connecting properly with your specific audience subsets. Fail to do this, and you will get left behind by competitors. 

One criticism of traditional Out-of-Home media strategies such as putting up posters and printed billboards is that they cast the net too wide and aren’t targeted enough. The solution to this is hyper targeting your ad campaigns through Digital Out-of-Home advertising. 

The shadowfencing form of geofencing technology that we offer enables you to move with audiences and continue the marketing conversion by sending complimentary mobile ads to audiences’ devices. 

Want to find out about how you can use DOOH to successfully hyper target specific audience groups? Contact our specialist team today, we know our stuff when it comes to DOOH advertising campaigns.

Make Custom Adaptations to Your DOOH Advertising Campaigns 

Once a poster is up, taking it down is costly and time-consuming, and this will all eat into your valuable time. The flexible nature of running DOOH ad campaigns will give you back more control over the Out-of-Home ads you roll out. 

Don’t like a campaign or want to change something regarding its design after launch? With DOOH advertising, you will be able to make changes that can be implemented almost instantly. Putting your own bespoke imprint on out-of-home campaigns and being able to make alterations makes all the difference to the amount of brand awareness and engagement brands manage to receive.

Effective Live Monitoring of Campaigns

To know how well an ad campaign is performing, you will need a way of being able to track it closely! In which locations are members of the public reacting positively to your campaigns? 

Ever thought about engaging in a transit campaign? It skyrockets impressions and brand visibility in next to no time. In a recent campaign that Drovo ran with Deliveroo, the average CPM was just £0.106!

Drovo deliveroo Out-of-Home campaign low CPM

Thanks to Drovo’s campaign dashboard, brands now have the full transparency and freedom of being able to log in at any time to see how their Digital Out-of-Home transit media are performing. The transparency and monitoring capabilities we provide you with at Drovo through our live dashboard are not something to be overlooked or ignored.

Check out our Drovo live tracking dashboard and how it works below.

Interested in learning more about how the dashboard makes your Digital Out-of-Home campaigns trackable? Book a call with us and we will talk you through it all.

The Unparalleled Interactivity of DOOH Advertising 

Touch screen technology has been around for years, and many of us are used to using touch screens daily in the shape of phones and tablets. You will find that a fair number of digital bus screens are touch-sensitive these days. 

So, why not get your audience participating and involved by encouraging them to engage in a touchscreen ad for your products or services? Don’t turn down the opportunity for your brand to connect with your target audience interactively through touch screens. 

Infinite Campaign Opportunities with On-vehicle Advertising Screens

Investing in digital car screens with Drovo’s private vehicle drivers is a stroke of genius for lofting your out-of-home campaigns. Our digital car screens are high quality and sleek, so consumers won’t miss a trick when they first see your ad on a Drovo vehicle.

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We Get Programmatic DOOH at Drovo

A report found that in 2021, global expenditure on programmatic advertising amounted to £335 billion. At Drovo, we know the benefits that programmatic Digital-Out-of-Home transit media campaigns hold for brands and how our network of vehicles at Drovo will bolster your brand awareness and visibility. 

We have also built up a team of in-house specialists who know all about the benefits of programmatic advertising campaigns for modern brands. Here are a few words from our experienced Chief Revenue Officer – Fréderic Lutt.

In my opinion, the digital transformation of the outdoor advertising industry will be done in two phases. The first phase, which is still ongoing, is to replace the traditional advertising placements with their digital versions and use digital technology to serve the ads. The second phase is to allow those digital screens and placements to be bought programmatically. Programmatic DOOH advertising will bring several benefits to agencies and brands. For example, consolidation of buys in a Demand Side Platform (DSP), buying in real time, layering of data (location, weather, audience), possibility to pause campaigns, ease of adjusting budgets, improvement of creatives during the campaign flights, and the possibility to buy advertising across the world.

Frédric Lutt

Chief Revenue Officer

Are you looking to incorporate DOOH advertising into your brand campaigns in 2024? Perhaps your Out-of-Home advertising efforts haven’t quite been getting the traction and engagement you hoped for in recent times. Drovo is a carbon-neutral transit media outfit that is here to help you, get in touch with our team of specialists.

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