The Advantages of Programmatic Media Buying

Media buying for advertisers is all about ensuring you put your advertisements in front of the right audiences. Let’s face it, your target audience is far more likely to be aware of your brand and turn into paying customers if they have seen advertisements for your products and services.

Advertisements in the past used to be bought and sold by salespeople, and television companies made gigantic commissions. Just like new technologies have transformed other sectors, programmatic media buying has made ad media buying easier and more efficient for advertisers and brands. 

But what is programmatic media buying exactly? Programmatic media buying is the automated algorithmic buying and selling of digital advertising space, including Digital Out-of-Home media. The programmatic media buying technology uses data to make sure your brand advertisements are placed in front of the right audience and at the right time. 

Advertisers are waking up to the efficiency and usefulness of programmatic media buying.  Indeed, according to a forecast from Statista, 80.84% of all digital advertising in 2028 will be purchased through programmatic media buying. 

Graph showing global digital advertising spend.

At Drovo, we are a transit media outlet that has invested our time and effort into programmatic advertising technology. Campaigns for our on-vehicle digital advertising screens can be set up in minutes due to the wonders of programmatic ad technology.

Continue reading to learn more about programmatic media buying and its advantages.

What Is a Programmatic Ad Exchange? 

In 2024, digital ad inventory, such as mobile, apps, social media advertisements and more are bought and sold across programmatic ad exchanges. Programmatic media buying means that purchasing ad inventory is no longer a time-consuming complicated process involving multiple intermediaries. A programmatic ad exchange provides a virtual marketplace where publishers and advertisers can connect to buy and sell digital ad space. 

Real-time Bidding for Programmatic Media Buying

On modern-day programmatic ad exchanges, real-time auctions take place where advertisers all compete for ad space. Real-time bidding for programmatic ads not only makes ad buying quicker, but it also makes it cheaper! 

Open Marketplace vs Private Marketplace (PMPs) Auctions for Programmatic Media Buying

Some programmatic media buying takes place on open marketplace ad exchanges where any advertiser is welcome to come and compete for ads. Private Marketplace (PMP) auctions on the other hand are when a publisher running a programmatic ad exchange invites only a select few advertisers to compete for ad inventory. 

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What Is a DSP? 

A programmatic DSP (Demand-Side Platform)  is automated software which allows advertisers and agencies to purchase ad inventories across different networks. On the other side of things, a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) enables publishers to sell display ad impressions to potential buyers in real-time. 

What Are the Benefits of Programmatic Media Buying 

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of going down the programmatic media buying route. 

Improved Targeting

Connecting with your target audience and making a genuine impact on them is all about increasing the visibility of your ads by getting them into the right ‘spaces’. The automated technology used on programmatic ad buying exchanges makes sure your ads get into the right spaces for your target audience. 

Have you had difficulty getting your Out-of-Home campaigns in front of your target audience in big cities? At Drovo, we specialise in running high-impact on-vehicle ad campaigns in major cities in the UK, including the capital. 

We use programmatic advertising tech to hyper target your audience and ensure your ads are put in front of the right audience in the right urban spaces. Using our add-on shadowfencing feature, you can deliver complementary display ads to consumers’ mobile devices as the branded vehicle passes by in immediate proximity. With the shadowfencing retargeting algorithm, you can also retarget members of the public once they have left the mobile virtual geofence around your campaign vehicle.

With this two birds with one stone approach, you will be able to hit the same audiences with both offline and online ads, and we at Drovo are proud to be bridging the gap between Out-of-Home and Digital advertising. 

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Access Better Quality Ads with Programmatic Media Buying

After better quality ads and want to put them in front of your audience? In programmatic Private Marketplaces (PMPs), publishers invite select advertisers and agencies, therefore, on PMPs you are sometimes able to find better quality ads that aren’t offered on open digital marketplace auctions. 

A Time-saving Solution

Automates programmatic automated ad buying technology ensures that everything is streamlined. Digital ad media buying in 2024 is therefore pretty speedy and media buying no longer needs to be a long-winded and laborious process like it was in decades gone by.

Now that you have a much better idea of how programmatic media buying can make your OOH efforts more efficient, why not rocket launch your programmatic Out-of-Home campaigns with Drovo? A tech-savvy transit media company making waves in the industry.

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