What Is a Programmatic DSP?

A programmatic DSP is an automated advertising platform where advertisers and media buying agencies can buy and manage ad inventories from multiple networks and sources. The automated aspect of the Demand-Side Platform software helps ads reach specific audiences according to data-driven decisions.

We have our fingers on the pulse with ad tech at Drovo, and we have specialist industry knowledge in programmatic DSP advertising.

Here we explore what a programmatic DSP is and how using one can enhance your advertising campaigns.


Programmatic Demand-Side Platforms enable advertisers to purchase ad inventory with the help of automation. But it will help you understand more about programmatic DSPs if we give you a few examples and discuss how different ones work. 

Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform product is a DSP which uses cross-channel ad management to help you optimise your digital ad campaigns. The Google Marketing Platform allows you to add third-party features that will help to measure and manage your digital campaigns. 

Amazon Advertising Platform 

Are you hoping to advertise across Amazon? The Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) programmatic DSP could prove highly useful for you. We all know how monumental the Amazon customer base is these days, particularly in the post-pandemic world when its sales rocket launched. The beauty of this tool is it allows advertisers to reach shoppers across all Amazon sites and mobile apps. 


TubeMogul is a programmatic DSP specialising in video advertising acquired by Adobe in 2016 that enables brands and agencies to plan, buy, measure and optimise their global video advertising.

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The Benefits of Using Programmatic DSPs

Let’s now take a look at the benefits of programmatic DSPs for advertisers and agencies. 

Extensive Reach 

A benefit of using programmatic DSPs for advertisers is that it enables them to reach a wide range of publishers. Looking to extend your reach in campaigns? Buying ads on a DSP will help you find the ad right space to help you do just that.  

Bid Across Real Time Ad Exchanges 

Another way programmatic Demand-Side Platforms increase efficiency and optimise your ad buying and campaigns is the fact they provide you with the option of real-time bidding on ad exchanges. DSPs run using pretty clever software that is constantly updating and using automation to try and find the most relevant ad spaces for your campaigns.

Optimised Hyper Targeting

DSPs can use optimised hyper targeting methods to help your ads connect and make a bigger impact on smaller more defined audiences. If it’s hyper or ‘granular’ targeting you are after, DSPs can be a great help.

At Drovo, we are specialists in running hyper targeted OOH campaigns. We use our shadowfencing feature & retargeting algorithm to deliver a complementary display ad to a consumer’s device as the branded vehicle passes by in immediate proximity. People are always browsing their mobiles when they are out and about in outdoor spaces these days, so why not target your Out-of-Home ads to their mobile devices? 

Shadowfencing is a perfect example of how we are bridging the gap between Out-of-Home and digital advertising and the offline and online advertising worlds here at Drovo. 

Control When Audiences See Your Ads

Is there a peak time when your target audience is most likely to see your ads and take action? You will be pleased to hear that some programmatic DSP tools are able to send your ads out at a specific time window when your audience is most likely to see them. So that your ads don’t go overkill and get shown to the same people too many times, there is something called a ‘frequency capping tool’ feature on a fair few DSPs.

We Embrace Programmatic at Drovo 

At Drovo, we embrace innovative modern advertising programmatic technologies like DSPs. Running Out-of-Home campaigns in the past has been highly inefficient cost-wise for advertisers. When you use our on-vehicle advertising service, you will see how we use technology to enhance the efficiency of your Out-of-Home campaigns. 

Advertising with Drovo’s transit media maximises the time efficiency of your campaign operations. We can install our crystal clear on-vehicle advertising screens on one of our drivers’ vehicle rooftops in no time!

We are transforming outdoor advertising by leveraging the latest technology, and we’re proud of it. 

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