A Guide to the Latest DOOH Ad Tech Solutions

Advertising technology, widely referred to as ‘ad tech’, refers to the tools publishers use to help brands deliver, manage, target, track and measure their digital campaigns.

Digital Out-of-Home is one of the fastest-growing channels, with the OOH sector having undergone a full-fledged digital transformation in recent years. Today, it’s common to see digital billboards, digital signage on bus stops, and on-street digital displays.

According to Route research, DOOH managed to reach 70% of adults in the UK and 73.3% of ABC1 adults per week in Q1 of 2023. 

Digital Out-of-Home ad tech solutions hold plenty of potential to raise the efficiency of DOOH campaigns further and ensure brands make better quality impacts on outdoor audiences. 

Carry on reading to learn about the latest DOOH ad tech solutions taking the industry by storm in 2024.

Transit Media DOOH Ad Tech 

We have discussed DOOH formats such as digital billboards, bus stop advertising, and on-street billboards, but what about moving digital media that moves with outdoor audiences? 

At Drovo, we are the first to market in the UK with our DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) ad tech solution of on-vehicle screens in London. 

Our screens come with:

  • LED lighting
  • Double-sided – so your ad is shown on both sides of the street
  • High Resolution
  • Anti-glare
  • Ability to change creative every 10 seconds
  • Video advertising capabilities

Captivating the attention of outdoor audiences is a challenge these days. Drovo’s eye-catching car screen advertisements stand out from the crowd and do a great job of catching the attention of outdoor audiences in London in 2024.

Enhance Your Static Campaigns with Moving Transit Media 

Complement your static campaigns with moving media to maximise the level of impact you make on outdoor audiences. 

Not only does moving media enhance your static assets and provide outdoor campaigns with another dimension, but transit media also enables brands and advertisers to advertise in places where other forms of media aren’t present, such as down narrower side streets and lanes where there aren’t any other digital billboards present. 

Our on-vehicle screens therefore also act as car billboards, increasing your reach and impressions.

Shadowfencing Ad Tech

A shadowfence is a mobile geofence that ‘shadows’ and moves with your branded vehicles. 

Adding shadowfencing technology to your Drovo taxi campaign package will deliver a complimentary digital ad to the mobile devices of outdoor audiences within 200 metres of the moving vehicle or those travelling in the taxi itself.

Shadowfencing is an example of modern ad tech that allows advertisers to retarget outdoor audiences digital advertising, directly to their mobile devices. This technology is also able to retarget your outdoor audiences when they are at home by delivering targeted digital ads to devices such as laptops, tablets, and Connected TVs.

The founder of the largest mobile billboard and field-marketing company in the U.S. when asked about the results of shadowfencing said “We’re showing click-through rates from our shadowfencing that are 150% greater than digital advertising alone.”

Car top drovo digital screen in london

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Computer Vision and AI DOOH Ad Tech

Computer vision and AI ad tech hold great potential for improving DOOH campaign targeting and audience measurement. 

Installing computer vision into DOOH billboards will give advertisers and brands insightful real-time measurements, such as how many people actually looked at your ads. 

In Warsaw, Poland, the Polish police and a DOOH media company collaborated on a road campaign in an attempt to improve road safety. This campaign used AI software and cameras to scan for vehicles with their lights off, recognising the make and colour of the vehicle and then handing out a personalised warning to drivers on a screen ahead of them, a 165-metre LED curtain. The camera’s sensor recognised vehicles from up to 200 metres away. 

However, there are real issues with AI and camera DOOH ad tech campaigns not complying with GDPR in the UK and Europe.

3D Holographic DOOH Displays

Impactful DOOH advertising is all about making audiences stop and stare and engage with your brand.

3D holographic displays are an ad tech that makes audiences stop and stare and drives footfall traffic.

A recent 3D holographic display by Boss featuring model Gisele Bündchen and actor Lee Minho as 20-meter-high holograms was projected in London’s Potters Fields Park, next to Tower Bridge. Having a 3D hologram ad placement in an area with such high foot traffic is highly valuable and an effective yet different way to attract the attention of outdoor audiences.

In the future, we will see brands investing more and more in 3D holographic DOOH displays.

Augmented Reality DOOH Ad Tech

Augmented reality is another example of a new DOOH ad tech that is growing in popularity. Worldwide revenue from AR advertising is predicted to grow by 16.2% in 2024, according to Statista.

Augmented reality DOOH campaigns capture audiences’ interest and provide them with multisensory interactive experiences. Hence, more and more brands are becoming interested in leveraging augmented reality DOOH for campaigns.

In Pepsi Max’s bus shelter screen campaign in London, stunned onlookers saw real-looking flying spaceships, tigers, and meteors crashing into the pavement in front of them on Oxford Street. This augmented reality campaign took months of planning from 3D designers and was a campaign that definitely made audiences stop and stare in awe.

On-vehicle screen campaign

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