The Benefits of London Electric Taxi Campaigns for Advertisers

Quiet, stylish and smooth, TXE electric hybrid taxis are increasingly the go-to for many London taxi drivers. There are now over 1,000 ultra-fast EV charging points in London able to fully charge electric taxis in under 30 minutes. 

Reducing harmful emissions, lowering fuel costs, and maximising outdoor reach in the capital, what’s not to love about London electric taxis as an advertising format?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of London electric taxi campaigns.

Maximise Your Campaign Reach and Visibility

The marvel of taxi advertising is the ability to move in sync with outdoor audiences.  

Looking to make more of an impact on hard-to-reach places in London? Complement static outdoor advertising with London taxi advertising campaigns.

London electric taxis are the perfect solution to increase the reach and frequency of your static digital billboard campaigns. 

We are full taxi wrap specialists at Drovo, meaning your taxi advertising campaigns will be visible from all angles when they are on the road. At Drovo, our capacity for electric taxi campaigns in London just improved tremendously through our partnership with Bolt – meaning advertisers now have access to a large fleet of the most active electric taxi drivers in the capital, further increasing campaign exposure.

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Meet Sustainability Targets with London Electric Taxi Campaigns

Electric taxi advertising campaigns in London will ensure that your brand is doing its part to preserve the planet, whilst also promoting your brand in important high-traffic central locations in the capital. 

At Drovo, we are passionate about doing all we can to uphold sustainable advertising practices, that’s why we 

  • Offset offset 100% of all carbon emissions generated by each Drovo campaign 
  • Pay London electric taxi drivers more to encourage electric vehicle adoption
  • Use 100% PVC recyclable materials for taxi wrapping

Running a London electric taxi advertising campaign with Drovo is a positive step towards achieving your sustainability goals.

Retarget Exposed Audiences to Amplify Campaign Impact

Thanks to modern technology, advertisers are now able to retarget on-street audiences who have seen their taxi wraps in London and send complimentary digital display ads to their mobile devices. 

Retargeting capabilities enable advertisers to send a series of fully GDPR-compliant sequential digital ads to consumers and even deliver them to a variety of devices that your consumers’ have at home, such as connected TVs, laptops, and tablets. As Drovo embraces this shadowfencing technology, we are proud to be bridging the gap between Out-of-Home and online advertising.

Drovo taxi campaign with Expleo

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