Why Use OOH Advertising? Insights for Advertisers

Out-of-Home advertising is a highly favoured media channel amongst marketers due to its unique ability to impact audiences in various environments.

In the 2022 Effie Report on the effectiveness of OOH advertising, 33% of entrants included OOH in their media mix, and 58% of the winning campaigns used OOH in their media mix. 

Here we provide insights for advertisers on why to use OOH advertising today.

Scale Campaigns and Achieve High Visibility with OOH 

If you want to reach broader audience groups and lift brand awareness, being able to scale your advertising in line with your campaign needs is crucial.  

According to Route, OOH advertising is seen by 98% of UK consumers weekly. Therefore, if you are looking to scale your campaigns to national audiences, OOH advertising is a reliable and worthwhile option in 2024. Equally, connecting with local audiences through OOH advertising is also effective.

Fortunately, new advertising technologies utilise audience data to fine-tune campaigns and offer more precise targeting capabilities.

Are you looking to move towards a hyper-targeted approach? In that case, outdoor advertising technology, such as Digital Out-of-Home, leverages data to geo-target the delivery of outdoor impressions.

At Drovo, we understand the capabilities of OOH and DOOH transit media to meet the scaling requirements of your campaigns, and we run national and local scale campaigns. We offer OOH in the form of taxi media campaigns in 13 cities across the UK, and DOOH in the form of eye-catching on-vehicle screen in London.
Click here to see an example of a taxi campaign we ran for the beauty brand Lisa Eldridge in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Drovo taxi campaign

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Track Your OOH Campaigns

Once you have launched your OOH media campaign, you will most likely want to accurately track and monitor its progress. That way, you are able to evaluate your campaign performance metrics and which specific areas and user personas it most struck a chord with.

That’s why we came up with the Drovo dashboard, which provides you with helpful insights on the live progress of your OOH transit media campaigns by tracking your campaign assets in all urban areas. 

Our dashboard is able to provide campaign data down to the hour or minute. 

The tracking dashboard for taxi campaigns is user-friendly and functions the same for tracking taxi campaigns, regardless of the city in question.

Thanks to the dashboard, advertisers will benefit from unparalleled:

  • Accountability 
  • Transparency 
  • Measurement capabilities

Integrate OOH Advertising in Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing industry has grown exponentially in recent years as marketers use it more and more to connect with consumers.

Digital marketing spending worldwide amounted to $522.5 million in 2021, and this has been forecast to reach $835.82 million in 2026. However, OOH media remains an impactful media channel to integrate into your multichannel marketing strategies today.

OOH advertising does a stellar job of increasing brand awareness amongst outdoor audiences. According to the Drum, research from System1 shows that unusual OOH campaigns can create up to 7x higher brand recall with audiences compared to other forms of traditional media, such as TV, radio advertising and print.

Memorable campaigns lead to higher brand recall and make audiences more aware of your brand. What’s more, OOH campaigns lift audience actions by 5-6x above the expected rate, according to Comscore.

At Drovo, our taxi wraps and on-vehicle screens are exceptionally eye-catching and memorable for audiences.

For instance, our full taxi wraps are visible from all angles. This helps to maximise audience exposure to your OOH transit media ads. 

Our full taxi wraps include rooftop creatives, enabling people in high-rise office and apartment buildings to view your taxi wrap from above as well as outdoor audiences (see the Drovo x Beyoncé campaign below).

We are the first to offer on-vehicle screens in the UK, and our high-definition double-sided screens are visible from both sides of the street. The screens are a highly engaging sight for outdoor audiences, as you see below.

Drovo on-vehicle screen.

Connect with Offline Outdoor Audiences Online

The benefit of modern OOH technology is that it opens the door to a range of new measured audience engagement opportunities. 

You need to be in the spaces where your audiences are, and many people spend a large chunk of their time on their mobiles. A Uswitch survey says the average screen time among UK adults is now 5 hours per day in addition to any screen-related work, with lots of that being time spent scrolling on their mobiles.

So, retargeting the same audiences exposed to your OOH media with digital ads will have a positive impact and make them gradually more intrigued by your brand and what you offer. 

With shadowfencing technology, advertisers are able to continue the conversation from offline to online advertising.

Shadowfencing is when a mobile virtual boundary, known as a ‘shadowfence’, moves along with a transit media vehicle and delivers complimentary display ads to the mobile devices of selected outdoor audiences within 200 metres.

Add shadowfencing as part of your transit media campaign with us at Drovo, and you will bridge the gap between offline and online advertising.

Drovo Expleo taxi campaign

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