Lisa Eldridge: Campaign of the Moment

We’re very proud of the Lisa Eldridge Beauty brand campaign, making the most of Drovo’s portfolio: including our broadcast London taxis.

The Lisa Eldridge wrapped taxis – including our premium electric taxi offering – are currently on the streets of two major cities in the UK – London and Manchester – driving cut through and high street impact.

In addition to their regular journeys, Drovo and Lisa Eldridge collaborated on a 30 taxi domination event at Selfridges, adding an iconic visual presence to their publicity event. Lisa Eldridge branded taxis were on hand to drop off VIP’s throughout the day.

These taxis formed part of a wider multi media campaign amplifying broadcast coverage and influencing their target audiences across London and Manchester, with a Birmingham campaign about to begin as well!

So far, Lisa Eldridge branded taxis have generated over 27 million impressions and driven over 7200 miles!

Thanks Lisa Eldridge, we’ve loved working with you!