Impactful 2024 Trends in Out-of-Home Advertising

Advertisers and marketers’ faith and confidence in the effectiveness of Digital Out-of-Home formats continues to grow. The worldwide market value of DOOH advertising is due to grow by 11% in 2024, according to the FIPP’s Digital Advertising Futures Report

At Drovo, we are a committed team of moving media specialists who all thrive on staying up to date with the latest OOH campaign trends. Let’s delve into the most impactful 2024 trends in the Out-of-Home advertising industry.

Increased Focus on Optimisable Dynamic Digital Campaigns

Advertisers will focus more on adaptable DOOH campaigns. The main benefit of dynamic DOOH is its ability to respond to real-world triggers in real-time, enabling advertisers to show outdoor audiences ads that fit in perfectly with their current environment and surroundings.

Examples of real-world triggers dynamic digital OOH ads react to include:

  • Weather conditions – e.g. showing summer clothing and sun lotion brands when the outdoor weather increases above 23 C, but showing ads for raincoats and jackets during heavy rainfalls.
  • Times of the day – e.g. showing coffee advertisements in the morning, sandwich advertisements at lunchtime, and takeaway dinner advertisements in the evening.
  • Days of the week – e.g. family targeted advertisements on the weekend and healthy high-energy food advertisements during the working week.
  • Location-based events – e.g. if there’s a major local event taking place in Camden, simply display your ads on local-based DOOH assets.

Looking to embrace dynamic DOOH in 2024 and make an impact on your target audience in London? Drovo’s high-definition on-vehicle screens are the perfect solution.

The benefit of transit media advertising is that it helps increase your brand visibility with hard to reach groups in London.

Drovo taxi campaign with Formula E in front of London eye.

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Greater Emphasis on Hyper Targeted & Contextual Ads

Studies have shown that campaigns using contextual creatives are 48% more effective than those that use non-dynamic ones. 

In 2024, brands will continue to strive to leverage data in dynamic DOOH campaigns to serve contextually relevant OOH messaging that resonates and is relatable to their diverse target audiences.

Higher Usage of Artificial Intelligence

AI is not going anywhere and it has its uses in OOH advertising. Using AI can be helpful if you are experiencing challenges with picking the right formats or precise geolocations for your identified target audience in the planning process of your OOH campaigns. 

AI assists in providing real-time tailored OOH brand messaging for campaigns in specific locations, or according to times of the day, weather and live events.

However, relying on AI in campaigns does have its limitations. For example, the data it uses isn’t always accurate, up-to-date, or reliable. A combination of AI and human knowledge is a better approach to meeting your OOH advertising needs.

Sustainability Focussed Campaigns

The OOH advertising sector has taken on board that there is no planet B. Hence, in 2024 another trend you will see is more and more brands and advertisers making sure their campaigns are executed sustainably.

At Drovo, we have adopted sustainable advertising practices and we ensure our campaigns are 100% sustainable by carbon offsetting every mile driven by each vehicle. 

And, when it comes to taxi advertising campaigns, our wraps are made using 100% recyclable non-PVC materials as a standard. Last but not least, our wrapping facility runs using renewable energy.

Brands Striving to Differentiate Themselves from Competitors 

In 2024, brands will continue to strive to create unique OOH brand experiences in order to enable them to remain ‘front of mind’ with audiences. But how do you do things differently to create memorable OOH campaign experiences?

At Drovo, we offer brand activations to create a palpable buzz for your product with street-level audiences. For instance, Drovo ran impactful brand activations with Paco Rabanne to support the launch of their perfume Fame

The Paco Rabanne taxi swarms on Oxford Street lead to ambassadors handing out 5,000 samples during London Fashion Week, bringing the product directly to central London audiences. 

Watch the video below to see how we performed the Paco Rabanne brand activation sampling event.

Omnichannel Integration to Combine Offline OOH with Digital Advertising

Nowadays, consumers are typically targeted by multiple channels when interact and engaging with brands, including physical channels (stores), and digital channels (social media pages, applications, websites, and e-commerce stores).

That is why in 2024, brands have to pursue omnichannel marketing strategies and ensure outdoor audiences are retargeted with relevant digital follow up ads after they have come into contact with Out-of-Home campaigns in the flesh.

Retarget audiences in your transit media campaigns with Drovo’s shadowfencing technology.

Shadowfencing essentially sends complimentary digital ads to the mobile devices of outdoor audiences in close proximity to the vehicles wrapped with your branding, driving engagement and conversions as a result. In this way, your offline Out-of-Home advertising will complement your digital advertising strategies.

Steve Madden-Drovo taxi campaign

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