Targeted Outdoor Advertising Strategies in 2024

Outdoor advertising technology is evolving at a quick rate in the digital age of today. Advertisers are increasingly shifting their Out-of-Spend home spend to digital screens, a forecast from the IAB predicted that DOOH will grow to 75% of the total OOH market by 2027. Advertising campaigns aimed at mass audiences are one thing, but how do you approach more targeted outdoor campaigns?

Here we focus on targeted outdoor advertising strategies in 2024.

Choose Contextual Placements

Augmented Reality OOH campaigns enhance the real-life and use technology to create a bridge between the virtual and physical universe outdoor audiences live in. AR OOH connects strongly with intended target audiences when executed in a contextually relevant format. 

Take a leaf out of the book of the Virtual Vending Machine campaign by BON V!V Spiked Seltzer who created a retail experience on the streets of LA and San Diego using AR. When passersby saw the ad, they scanned the QR code to activate an immersive experience and tap into a place where there was a virtual vending machine right in front of them. Users could choose their favourite flavours and then watch the drink being dispensed in 3D. This campaign also allowed passersby to locate the nearest store from the location. 

Leverage Location Data

In 2024, OOH planners have mountains of data available to help hyper target outdoor audiences. 

Various location data providers, for example, have been instrumental in shaping the capabilities of location-based targeting in digital OOH.

Drovo offers a first-to-market moving media format that utilises location data for targeting purposes, allowing advertisers to change message delivery based on various location triggers as vehicles move throughout London.

Drovo taxi campaign with Formula E in front of London eye.

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Leverage audience data

Shadowfencing, a solution we offer at Drovo, enables you to retarget audiences exposed to your moving OOH campaign. This technology enables you to narrow down your targeted audience based on specific demographics or behaviours to ensure your campaign is most effective. Shadowfencing leads to an uplift in digital engagements, such as Click-through Rates, pushing customers down the sales funnel. 

Optimise OOH Campaigns By Reacting to Real-World Triggers

The ability to react to real-world triggers in real-time is another great way to ensure you show the right outdoor advertisements to the right audiences at the right time. Examples of real-world triggers in Out-of-Home campaigns include everyday circumstances such as 

  • Changes in weather conditions
  • Different periods of the day
  • Fluctuations in footfall and traffic (from pedestrians and vehicles) 
  • Precise changes in geolocation 

These are the kinds of optimisations and triggers that the dynamic digital OOH on-vehicle screens we provide at Drovo react to. With our digital screens offering in London, the dynamic capability enables you to stay in sync with outdoor audiences and the immediate environment they are experiencing, so you target them with ads that are contextually relevant and genuinely resonate with them.

Drovo Global X taxi campaign London

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