A Guide to 3D OOH

3D OOH technology means that when 3-dimensional digital screens and billboards are looked at an illusion of 3D depth is created. 3D outdoor advertising enables brands to ensure their products stand out and connect with on-street audiences and passersby. 

In 2024, OOH advertising is all about brands standing out from the crowd and fellow competitors in the new technological world.

What’s the use of modern ad technology to advertisers if they don’t use it to enhance their Out-of-Home advertising campaigns? Here we go into more detail in our guide to 3D OOH. 

3D OOH Digital Billboard Advertising 

3D films have been out in cinemas since the early 2000s, so it was only a matter of time before the Out-of-Home advertising industry caught up and started deploying 3D OOH digital billboard advertisements.

Modern audiences, especially younger digital natives, are more receptive to interacting with advertisements such as digital billboards that stimulate their senses. Hence, go to Times Square or Piccadilly Circus these days, and you will see 3D OOH digital billboard screens. 

The global advertising industry has responded to the rise in 3D OOH technology and its influence on audiences by investing heavily in 3D ad displays. According to Grand View Research, the global 3D display market was valued at $104.69 billion in 2022 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.0% from 2023 to 2030. 

How Do 3D Billboards Work?

3D OOH billboard screens are essentially 2D LED screens that have been altered in a way that makes them display two superimposed images, and the effect is our brains processing this and seeing it as three-dimensional. 

The 3D effect depends on the viewing distances and angles, and the clever visual trick affecting depth perception created by 3D OOH billboards is known as ‘forced perspective’.  

3D OOH Static Billboards

It isn’t just digital screens that are able to create 3-dimensional optical illusions for OOH audiences, there are also clever static 3D billboards that do that too. 3D OOH static billboards are stationary displays usually fabricated from plastic or metal materials that provide 3-dimensional effects. 

The drawbacks of using static 3D billboards are:

  • More expensive than traditional billboard advertising
  • Longer setup times than traditional billboard advertising

3D OOH Bus Stop Advertisements

Bus stop advertisements can take the form of rotating digital billboard screens, printed billboards, and bus shelter posters. According to the transport for London, there are around 19,000 bus stops across 675 routes in London!

3D Out-of-Home bus stop billboards won’t just attract the attention of people waiting at stops and passengers on buses, they are also visible to pedestrians, shoppers, commuters, and motorists passing by. 

3D OOH Floor Advertisements

Street furniture OOH advertising on benches and bus shelters is one thing, but have you thought about using the pavement for advertising? Get the go-ahead and permission from the local authority, and you could have an impact on consumers by installing 3D OOH floor advertisements using graphics or stickers.

Now you should understand a great deal more about 3 dimensional Out-of-Home advertising and its effectiveness and impact on audiences.

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Innovation in Moving Media

As you may already know, Drovo specialises in moving media formats. While moving 3D OOH ads don’t exist in the UK yet, Drovo is paving the way in the innovation of moving media. 

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