How to Measure the Performance of OOH Media Formats in 2024

OOH media comes in a broad range of formats these days, especially given the impressive growth of Digital Out-of-Home media in recent years.

According to the IAB Compass & Digital Out-of-Home report, DOOH media accounted for 32% of OOH ad spend in the UK in 2015, and 63% in 2022, and it is forecast to account for 75% of OOH spend in 2027.

Examples of OOH media formats in 2024 include

  • Digital billboards 
  • Transit media advertising
  • On-street media
  • Bus stop advertising
  • Posters
  • Mural and wallscape advertising
  • Tube Advertisements

But what are the various ways to measure the performance of OOH media formats in 2024? We take a closer look.

Accessible Live Campaign Data Insights from OOH Media Formats

One crucial aspect of measuring the performance of campaigns across all types of OOH media formats is the ability to access live campaign data. This access to live data reflecting campaign performance is increasingly able to help advertisers optimise their Out-of-Home campaigns in real time.

At Drovo, our proprietary user-friendly live tracking dashboard keeps OOH planners up to date by providing them with useful real-time data on taxi advertising campaigns, such as live impressions and the exact distance driven by each vehicle.

Our dashboard therefore greatly improves accountability for transit media advertisers. You know where your campaign has been – down to the roads, when it was there (hourly), and the number of impressions for your on-vehicle branding.

The Live Geolocation of OOH Campaigns

Assessing the performance of your OOH media format campaigns in different geolocations is also pivotal. In what areas were the highest number of people exposed to your OOH ads and does this align with where your target audience usually is? Modern technology and data are able to provide you with detailed up-to-date information on the performance of your campaigns in different locations.

With the Drovo dashboard, you are able to see where your taxi branding or on-vehicle screen impressions were delivered, down to the street or hour timespan.

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Click Through Rate (CTR)

One method of measuring the success of OOH media formats is whether there has been a surge in traffic and click through rates on the advertiser’s website/digital platforms following an outdoor advertising campaign. 

Advertisers can encourage outdoor audiences to visit them online through QR codes on digital billboards, posters, bus stops, and on-street D6s. 

Remember, consumers will only click on your website/digital assets if they recognise and know your brand well enough. A report from System1 found that Out-of-Home ads achieve over 2x higher brand recall compared to TV ads.

You will see an improvement in your click through rates by showing the right advertisements to the right audiences at the right time. For example, showing sunny summer holidays outdoor advertising campaigns in the depths of the cold dark winter to captivate the attention of audiences in the UK. 

The aim is to improve click through rates from your OOH methods by ensuring your brand remains relevant and ‘front of mind’ with consumers. 


Shadowfencing technology in transit media is a great choice to help increase engagements across different media channels. A shadowfence delivers complimentary digital display ads to the mobile devices of passersby within a 200 m distance of your branded vehicle. 

Shadowfencing’s retargeting capability then delivers further sequential ads to other devices of outdoor audiences, such as tablets, CTVs, and laptops to continue the advertising conversation, display more products and services, and pique consumer interest.

In-built Camera Technology

Another way to measure the performance and audience reach of campaigns for different OOH media formats is through using in-built camera technology. 

New computer vision camera technology (or ‘smart cameras’) is now able to provide accurate numbers of footfall. This camera technology can be installed onto Out-of-Home campaign assets such as billboards, on-street display boards, or bus stops. 

At Drovo, we also use on-vehicle camera technology to give you peace of mind and proof of posting that your high-resolution on-vehicle screens are intact and on the roads displaying your branding to audiences.

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