How to Measure OOH Advertising: A Complete Guide

One of the main bugbears of Out-of-Home advertising for agencies and brands alike has forever been, how do you accurately measure OOH advertising? 

Helpful measurements for campaigns include key ad performance data like impressions, reach, engagements, conversions, and even how long people spend looking at your ads. 

For many years, measuring the results of OOH campaigns relied on vague data estimations. However, the Drovo live vehicle tracking dashboard allows you to track your transit media Out-of-Home campaigns with great precision.

Why is this useful? Well, our live dashboard allows you to see how many impressions your OOH ads are generating daily and hourly and in what locations. Not satisfied with your performance? Our technology has the potential for you to make custom changes and optimisation to campaigns. 

Carry on reading to learn more in this complete guide on how to measure OOH advertising today. 

What is Traditional OOH? 

Let’s start out by taking a look at traditional OOH advertising and what it is. Traditional OOH has been around for decades. Across the globe, we are all familiar with traditional OOH advertising formats, everyone has seen them, and they aim to catch the eyes of any passersby. 

Examples of traditional Out-of-Home advertising formats include 

  • Billboard advertising 
  • Posters 
  • Street furniture advertising (e.g. park benches with ad displays) 
  • Advertising on public transport

How Have Traditional OOH Advertising Results Been Measured? 

Traditional OOH campaign results in the past have been measured using government data, traffic estimations, and even manual counting of the daily number of people who past billboards or posters. 

As the world and the forms of media we use daily have transformed and developed, so have Out-of-Home advertising campaign methods. DOOH advertising is here to stay and going nowhere, and modern brands need to adapt to this transformation.  

What is Digital Out-of-Home Advertising? 

Digital Out-of-Home advertising refers to digitised ad displays which are visible in public spaces. 

Digital Out-of-Home advertising formats include

The main difference between DOOH and traditional printed media advertising, such as newspapers and billboards, is that digital advertising displays on digital screens allow videos or moving or rotating images which interact with Out-of-Home audiences. Take the digital element out, and you can only present static images to audiences.  Using a combination of billboard and Digital Out-of-Home advertising can be highly effective. 

Billboard advertising hasn’t gone away, it’s just been modernised and reinvigorated through dynamic digital display screens that adapt to Out-of-Home audiences. 

A good example of effective digital out-of-home billboard advertising was the Women’s Aid ‘Blind Eye’ Domestic Violence awareness campaign that used facial-recognition technology to change the markings on a woman’s face when members of the public looked at the billboard. It was placed in key public places such as Westfield’s Shephard Bush and the Bullring Shopping Centre. The result was a successful digital billboard campaign that raised awareness on the topic by reaching 326.9 million people in a total of 20 countries.

How Do You Measure DOOH Campaigns? 

Being as there’s so much more digitalised data these days, you may have thought that someone had already come up with a savvy way to measure Digital Out-of-Home campaigns accurately. The answer there is – not before us at Drovo! 

Our on-vehicle digital screens and taxi wrap ads make following your transit media campaigns and their impact nice and easy.  Drovo’s live dashboard technology gathers real-time data and ultimately increases transparency by informing you of useful info such as the live impressions of your transit ads in different locations. 

If you look at the data on our live dashboard and feel your OOH vehicle campaign is not connecting with your target audience effectively, fear not, you change the ads that display in different locations for different audiences with our digital customisable car screens

Once you see just how easy it is to track on-vehicle advertising campaigns using our tracking dashboard, you will be in awe. Get in contact with the Drovo team now to find out a whole lot more about the dashboard. 

Digital Advertising on Car Screens: What Are The Benefits? 

What is the big deal about putting digital display ads on cars, you may be thinking? Let’s discuss the benefits of running on-vehicle advertising screen campaigns. 

  • Move with your audience as they go about their daily life
  • Boost your impressions exponentially 
  • Target a range of geographical locations with different population demographics, e.g. target only specific boroughs of London
  • Heightened brand awareness – transit ads have a unique way of captivating the public’s attention

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Hyper target your audience

Another major benefit of digital advertising on cars is the ability to hyper target your audience. Why not try not reach super specific audience groups by targeting them with moving on-vehicle adverts? 

We can ensure hyper targeting through an excellent bit of tech we have come up with at Drovo called ‘shadowfencing’. Drovo’s programmatic advertising technology helps to bridge the gap between offline and online Out-of-Home advertising. How so? Well, our transit ads, both taxi wraps and car screens, are capable of appearing on consumers’ mobiles and apps in close proximity to the moving vehicle. This is a great opportunity to potentially lift your mobile and app conversions. 

You should now understand a fair bit more about how to measure OOH advertising campaigns in 2024. Here at Drovo, we are changing the game and revolutionising how OOH advertising is measured. The recent multi-million pound Serie A investment we received from Maven Capital Partners and other investors is a sign that we are driving in the right direction! 

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