Digital Advertising on Cars: Why It Works 

The world we live in is digital in 2024, and the Out-of-Home advertising industry is no exception. A fundamental staple of assessing the performance and progress of advertising campaigns is being able to have visibility and transparency over them. Finding your DOOH campaigns hard to track and would like a way to better monitor live campaigns? 

At Drovo Media, we are transforming the DOOH advertising space with our dynamic digital advertising on cars. The smooth geotargeting and programmatic advertising technology of our digital on-vehicle screens enable you to customise your messages. 

Having headaches with a lack of transparency for DOOH campaigns? Thankfully, our easy to navigate technologically advanced dashboard provides you with increased transparency and visibility for DOOH campaigns. 

Let’s delve more into digital advertising on cars and why it works. 

Digital Advertising On Cars Skyrockets Your Reach 

The Digital Out-of-Home Sector is already thriving in Great Britain and reaching mammoth audiences. Just take a look at the graph below, according to Statista, in Q1 of 2023 the weekly reach of DOOH campaigns was 37.66 million. 

Graph showing the weekly reach of DOOH screens in Great Britain.

However, having a fixed digital screen that doesn’t move at a set location will only garner a certain number of impressions.  Advertising on cars is an ideal way to truly turbocharge your campaigns and generate high levels of brand awareness. 

There are 9 million that live in London alone from all walks of life with different likes, interests, and consumer preferences. Why not make the most of digital advertising on cars in the capital? 

Our proprietary technology platform for on-vehicle advertising at Drovo is a unique advertising solution for brands UK-wide. When it comes to the effectiveness of our transit campaigns – the proof is in the pudding and that’s why we have worked with major brands including Uniqlo, American Express, Hyatt, Paco Rabanne and more. 

Excited by the idea of advertising using pioneering car screens to enhance your Digital Out-of-Home campaigns? Get in touch with Drovo today. Our specialist in-house team will guide you through our on-vehicle campaign offering and its range of benefits. 

Move With Your Audience 

Why have static digital advertising campaigns when we live in such a dynamic world where consumers are constantly on the go and passing through public spaces? 

Putting faith in new advertising techniques such as digital advertising on car screens that we offer at Drovo will provide you with enviable live monitoring for your campaigns. 

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Sustainability is an important consideration for digital advertising on cars. 

How can you make sustainable advertising possible for transit media you may ask? 

Well, we are proud to run the UK’s largest network of carbon-neutral moving media in the UK. We ensure this by carbon offsetting all carbon emissions on campaigns with our partner Furthr as well as encouraging electric vehicle adoption by paying EV drivers more.

Make Your Digital Car Screens Adaptable with Programmatic Advertising Technology

Want to create custom on-vehicle Digital Out-of-Home campaigns? Imagine if you could advertise sun lotion on a digital car screen whenever it reaches 20 C and above, or advertise winter clothing whenever it falls below 2 C! Programmatic advertising technology makes your DOOH on-vehicle highly adaptable.

Hyper Target Your Audience and Customise Campaigns

Another benefit of using programmatic car screen technology is the flexibility of having the option to customise your campaigns accordingly. Have you had enough of overly generic Out-of-Home campaigns not having the impact you had hoped for? 

Guess what? There is technology out there that empowers you to advertise a product based on the location of the vehicle, it is called geotargeting, and Drovo use it to send the right ads to the right audiences with your on-car digital screens.


Imagine how your Digital Out-of-Home campaigns will be boosted by simultaneously sending ads to the same audiences both online and offline. It’s the dream, right? Well, let’s discuss a DOOH transit media technology called shadowfencing and its capabilities for campaigns.

At Drovo, we saw this opportunity and grasped it with both hands to come up with our own innovative shadowfencing technology.

Drovo’s shadowfencing enables you to: 

  • Deliver a complementary display ad to a consumer’s device as the branded vehicle passes by in immediate proximity
  • Optimise your campaigns 
  • Attribute offline success, such as increased footfall or a rise in telephone enquiries, to digital campaigns. 

Mobile advertising opportunities 

Consumers spend plenty of time daily browsing the internet and scrolling through apps and social media on their mobile devices. In fact, recent research revealed that the average daily time using social media is 2hr 24 minutes per day. Why not try to maximise conversions with mobile users in your Digital-Out-of-Home transit campaigns?

With the shadow fencing programmatic advertising technology for digital screens on cars that Drovo has developed, you are able to continue the conversation with your target audience while they browse on mobile devices in close proximity to the vehicle and then convert them into customers on your mobile site or app. That is how Drovo’s transit media digital screens bridge the gap between digital and offline advertising, providing you with the best of both worlds for your campaigns. 

Drovo Is in Pole position in the Out-of-Home Transit Media Space 

You now ought to understand more about digital advertising on cars and why it works as a treat. The programmatic transit advertising platform we have put hard work into crafting at Drovo is undoubtedly making waves in the transit Out-of-Home advertising space. None more so is an indicator of our product’s worth being recognised than the recent  £3 million Series A investment in Drovo by Maven Capital Partners. 

With discussions around key strategic partnerships ongoing, this is just the beginning of our journey: the scale and effectiveness of our offering will only increase. As we head into the winter months and daylight becomes more limited, our digital screens will shine brighter and attract more eyeballs while legacy OOH activations fade from view

Artjom Jekimtsev

Drovo Founder & CEO

That’s just the start, we have recently onboarded new talent in order to help take Drovo to the next level.

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