A Guide to Liverpool Taxi Advertising Campaigns

Taxi advertising in Liverpool city centre is a great option for any advertisers looking to reach large urban audiences and maximise brand exposure and awareness.

Due to the Beatles, Liverpool FC, and the number of international students, people travel from far and wide to visit the city, hence your Liverpool taxi advertising campaigns will also reach international as well as local audiences.

At Drovo, we are experts in OOH advertising and running highly effective and impactful taxi campaigns for brands and advertisers. We operate high-impact taxi advertising campaigns across 13 different UK cities, including Liverpool.

Let’s go more into Out-of-Home taxi advertising in Liverpool in this comprehensive guide.

The Best Target Locations for Liverpool Taxi Advertising Campaigns

Liverpool city centre is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, and shops, Liverpool Lime Street and Liverpool Central train stations, and the University of Liverpool and John Moores University.

Liverpool One Shopping Centre is in the city centre and attracts 22 million visitors a year alone. Why not leverage taxi advertising in the centre of Liverpool to skyrocket your audience reach and impact given the area’s consistently high footfall?

At Drovo, we have experience in running successful Liverpool taxi advertising campaigns, so we know what it takes to organise them properly and ensure advertisers and brands receive optimal results.

Our Rustlers “Better Than You Think” campaign with exclusive Drovo Taxi Swarms in both Liverpool and Manchester over 5 weeks with 20 black taxis:

  • Drove 11,337.87 hours
  • Generated 6,750,884 impressions

Our vision at Drovo is to use the latest technology to help make your Out-of-Home taxi advertising campaigns that bit easier. 

Take a look in the video below at the Drovo live dashboard in action and how it efficiently recorded the impressions for the Rustlers campaign in real-time in both Liverpool and Manchester as it went along. 

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How Does Taxi Wrapping Work? 

You may have seen taxi wraps out and about in large cities. Stylish eye-catching taxi wraps are a fantastic way to grasp the attention and eyeballs of on-street audiences. 

But how does taxi wrapping work? At Drovo, our own expert installation team takes care of all taxi wraps at special fitting centres.

Check out a video here of a smooth Juicy Couture branded wrap being fitted for a Drovo taxi campaign.

What’s more, we care about the planet and sustainable advertising here at Drovo, so we use 100% recyclable non-PVC materials for your Liverpool taxi advertising campaigns. 

To further protect the planet, we carbon offset every single mile driven in Drovo campaigns as well as incentivising the adoption of electric vehicles by paying EV drivers more than drivers of combustibles!

No provider is able to match the rapid taxi wrapping turnaround times we offer. 

Drovo taxi campaign

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How Do I Make an Impact on Audiences in Liverpool? 

A simple answer to this is by putting the right ads in front of the right audiences. Are you a brand that wants to advertise your products or services to students? 

Fortunately, Liverpool taxi advertising campaigns will allow you to put your ads in front of your student target audience on a daily basis, with most students living in central Liverpool and areas such as Aigburth and Toxteth. 

Liverpool is a sports-mad city home to the world-famous Liverpool Football Club and Anfield, your taxi wraps will pass by thousands of fans throughout the city travelling to the stadium on matchdays, thus allowing you to connect with a target audience more inclined to be interested in your products.

Liverpool is also a great city for taxi advertising campaigns for luxury products. With all the shops, there is no shortage of outdoor audiences interested in luxury brands and products in the city.  

So, luxury brands, why not make an impact on enthusiast shoppers with your Liverpool taxi campaigns? 

Taxi wraps which are visible from 360° viewpoints will maximise the impact of your Liverpool taxi advertising campaigns. Here at Drovo, we offer full taxi wraps that enable your taxi ads to get eyeballs from all angles. 

This means even people right across the other side of the street or those working on higher office floors in Liverpool will be able to see your taxi wrap advertisement, thereby maximising brand exposure and visibility.

How Do I Measure OOH Liverpool Taxi Advertising Campaigns? 

Looking at the results and measuring the performance of your taxi advertising campaigns is always important. After all, you will have a budget to work with and need to know if your efforts are having a genuine impact on Out-of-Home audiences. 

At Drovo, we have changed the game and our Drovo live vehicle tracking dashboard uses the latest technology and real-time data updates to allow you to follow the progression of your Liverpool taxi advertising campaigns. 

Want to see daily performance statistics? Simply go into your dashboard to check in at any time on the amount of on-street impressions your taxi campaign has received in the day. 

Below is an explanation of how the Drovo live vehicle tracking dashboard works, give it a listen.

Are you looking to run Out-of-Home Liverpool taxi advertising campaigns that make an impact and create a buzz in the city around your products or services? Speak to the Drovo team.  

Drovo Expleo taxi campaign

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