Reasons to Choose Leeds Taxi Advertising

Leeds is a bustling Yorkshire city and an ideal location for Out-of-Home media campaigns. There is a range of Out-of-Home media formats to choose from for advertisers looking to make an impact on outdoor audiences in Leeds.

Poster advertising, billboard advertising, street furniture advertising, wallscape and mural advertising are just a few examples of OOH formats that can help you connect with audiences in Leeds. But none of these formats offer constant movement with outdoor audiences.

A taxi carrying your branding will be able to physically move with audiences in Leeds, delivering millions of impressions along the way. So, what about opting for taxi advertising in your OOH marketing strategy in Leeds? 

At Drovo, we run taxi advertising campaigns in Leeds and 12 other UK cities. Continue reading to learn about the different reasons why brands should choose Leeds taxi advertising as an OOH campaign option.

Improved Brand Awareness

In a 2023 Statista survey, 57% of global marketers surveyed said that traditional OOH media (such as taxi advertising) increased brand awareness. 

Advertising your products via a taxi media campaign in Leeds will make your brand much more familiar and recognisable to audiences in the city in no time. Taxi media is unmissable to motorists or bus passengers stuck in traffic with little to look at.

The visually compelling nature of taxi advertising enables audiences to see your product from different angles. Here at Drovo, we are full taxi wrap specialists, meaning your taxi campaign branding in Leeds will be visible to audiences and from a broad range of angles.

Improved brand awareness from taxi advertising contributes to high brand recall levels, which is a key indicator of how many people remember the name of your brand and the products or services you offer.

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High Delivery of Impressions 

Taxis travel with outdoor audiences anywhere and everywhere in busy cities like Leeds, captivating people’s attention along the way. Taxi advertising therefore ensures a maximum delivery of impressions for urban audiences. 

Why not further increase your impression delivery in campaigns by using taxi advertising to supplement another OOH advertising format? Combine static advertising with moving media to increase your likelihood of attracting the gaze of outdoor audiences.

Leeds Has a Vast Student Demographic for Advertisers to Connect with

For advertisers looking to make an impact on the student and young adult demographic, Leeds is a prime location to operate taxi advertising campaigns. 

Taxi campaigns in Leeds are a great choice if you’re target audience is the young adult market because the city is home to multiple higher education institutions, including:

  • Leeds University
  • Leeds Beckett University 
  • Leeds Trinity College
  • Leeds Arts University
  • Leeds City College
  • Leeds Conservatoire

Leeds Taxi Advertising Brand Activation Opportunities

The opportunity to carry out engaging brand activation experiences with taxi campaigns is another reason to go down the Leeds taxi advertising route for your Out-of-Home campaigns in the city. 

Brand activation events help to create an emotional bond between consumers and your brand, alongside improving brand awareness. According to a study conducted by Reach3 Insights and The Keller Advisory Group, 69% of consumers said they liked brand experiences. 

At Drovo, we offer a variety of brand activation experiences for taxi campaigns that drive  engagement, including:

Taxi Swarming – Pop-up events where 2 or more of your taxis appear in the same place, enabling you to target exactly where and when you want your advert to be shown to audiences. This domination feature can be used to place vehicles where they will have the greatest impact, whether at events, locations, or storefronts. 

We have provided taxi swarming in cities in the north previously, such as for the Rustlers taxi campaign in Manchester, for example.

VIP Experiences – We can deliver VIPs and guests to a desired location in a fleet of branded vehicles, driving impact. Adding influencers or celebrities to a taxi advertising campaign enhances brand visibility by leveraging their social media following and generating shareable content and a memorable experience.

Product Sampling – We can use brand ambassadors to hand out samples of your products to on-street audiences in your chosen location/s. The brand ambassador we hired handed out 5,000 product samples to support the launch of Paco Rabanne’s latest perfume ‘Fame’ on Oxford Street during London Fashion Week, and we also provide the same service in Leeds.

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