Why Are High Brand Recall Levels Important?

Brand recall is a marketing metric that indicates how many people remember the name of your brand and your products or services. The metric that indicates increases in brand recall amongst consumers due to brand advertising efforts is known as ‘ad recall lift’. 

Ad recall lift is calculated by the overall increase in the number of people that answer “Yes” to “Do you recall seeing an ad from (your brand) in the last few days?”. The total increase or ‘lift’ is worked out by asking an exposed group of people who have already seen your ad, and a control group who have not seen your ad this same question, and calculating the difference between the two groups.

But why is ensuring high brand recall levels so crucial? 

Here, the Drovo Media team closely examines why high brand recall levels are important.

High Brand Recall Leads to Greater Levels of Consumer Trust 

In a consumer survey, 81% of respondents said they needed to trust a brand before they even considered buying its products or services. The more people who are able to recall your brand, the more trust there will be towards your brand in the market. Why so? Because brand recognition and awareness create a snowball effect, consumers tell their friends about brands they know and trust! 

This snowball effect is even more impactful today when buyers share so many on social media. 

Why not encourage your consumers to create User Generated Content? That way, they will become your brand advocates further increasing brand recall and awareness levels.

High Brand Recall Will Help Your Brand Attract New Customers

Are things stagnating and you are struggling to pick up new customers? High brand recall levels from creative engaging advertising campaigns will do wonders for increasing the size of your customer base. 

Memorable Campaigns Are the Key to Higher Brand Recall

High levels of brand recall are achieved when your ad campaigns are memorable and manage to stay fresh right at the front of consumers’ minds. If people haven’t heard of your brand or the products or services you offer, they won’t have the trust and confidence to commit to buying your products. If you roll out impactful memorable ads that rocket launch brand awareness and recognition, a lot more people will be familiar with your brand and understand what you offer them.

Drovo’s eye-catching digital advertising screens are able to capture outdoor audiences’ eyeballs to catapult brand recall levels in your campaigns. 

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Customer Interactions Across Multiple Digital Touchpoints

People able to easily remember your ads and recall your brand are more likely to interact with your brand across multiple touchpoints and channels. 

For example, they may give your brand page a follow on social media platforms. High brand recall is therefore vital if you are looking to increase your digital presence and online audience.

At Drovo, we ensure you are able to carry on the conversation to mobile devices after passersby have seen your Out-of-Home on-vehicle campaigns with us on the street. In this way, we are truly bridging the gap between offline OOH advertising and online advertising.

We achieve this through shadowfencing technology. Shadowfencing allows advertisers to send display ads to audiences’ mobiles within immediate proximity to the branded campaign vehicle as it passes them by.

Here at Drovo, we aren’t afraid to leverage and embrace advertising technology to make sure you make a real impact on your target audience in your moving media on-vehicle campaigns. 

Watch your brand recall levels soar amongst street-level audiences with Drovo’s taxi and digital screen campaigns. We also uphold sustainable advertising practices, and we have the largest carbon-neutral committed fleet network in the UK.

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Higher Brand Recall Metrics Bring More Conversions

If your advertisements are creative, visually attractive, impactful, and laden with messaging that connects with your audience, your brand should remain at the forefront of consumers’ minds right after they have seen your ad. 

According to Miller’s Law, a cognitive psychology principle, humans are only able to hold around 7 things in their working memory at one time. After seeing one of your ads, consumers with your brand fresh at the forefront of their minds will be more likely to take action and purchase from you. That’s a high brand recall in action.

Connect with International Audiences

Do you want to create a global customer base that transcends borders and language barriers? 

Making sure your advertisements are as memorable and appealing as possible will assist in helping you reach high brand recall levels and create a buzz around your products and services internationally. 

Why? Because products that look aesthetically pleasing and useful to consumers in outdoor advertisements will find it easier to gain global notoriety and be recognised by audiences across the world.

No one forgets a truly compelling campaign creative overnight. 

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