Glasgow Taxi Advertising: What Brands Need to Know

Glasgow taxi advertising is a winner for brands looking to increase their reach and make a genuine impact with audiences in the largest city in Scotland. 

Why is Glasgow an ideal city for taxi campaigns? Well, the city has large outdoor audiences for brands to reach and connect with. The city has a population of 635,000 residents, according to a Glasgow City Council estimate in 2021. The city is also home to

  • 4 universities
  • The Scottish National Conservatoire
  • The Glasgow National Concert Hall (home of the Scottish National Orchestra) 
  • The OVO Hydro and the O2 Academy
  • The GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art)
  • The St Enoch Shopping Centre, 
  • Celtic Park and Ibrox SPL football stadiums 

Therefore, Glasgow taxi advertising is ideal for reaching vast outdoor audiences visiting these landmarks and making sure your brand makes the most of the city’s high traffic. At Drovo, we offer the following taxi advertising formats in Glasgow

  • Full wraps
  • Supersides
  • Tip seats

We have business relationships with taxi wrap facilities in the city, meaning our experienced operations team will get your campaign on the roads in Glasgow swiftly. 

Continue reading to learn more about what brands need to know about taxi advertising in Glasgow. 

Maximise Reach and Frequency with Glasgow Taxi Advertising 

Firstly, brands need to know that they will maximise ad reach and frequency through taxi advertising in Glasgow.

It’s hard to create hype about your products or services if outdoor audiences aren’t familiar with your products or services, so familiarise audiences with them through taxi advertising. A combination of higher ad reach and frequency from taxi campaigns will lead to improved customer awareness as Glasgow outdoor audiences become increasingly accustomed to your brand, and what your product or service offers. 

The good thing about taxi ads is that they are memorable and visually appealing, getting delivered to urban audiences in busy cities like Glasgow. That way, it’s easier to ensure your brand remains ‘top of mind’ with consumers.

According to marketing cognitive research, emotional responses to ads peak at 9-12 exposures, and the effects start to decline after that. 

Make Your Branding Visible from 360° Degrees with Full Taxi Wraps

Get maximum value for money by ensuring your taxi wraps are seen by as many people as possible outdoors in Glasgow, going about their day-to-day business in the city. 

A way to ensure you maximise the number of people exposed to your wraps is by going for full taxi wraps that are visible from 360° angles. 

At Drovo, we are full taxi wrap specialists. With our full wrap service, we are also able to provide rooftop taxi wraps, helping your brand to be visible from all angles not only to on-street audiences, but also to people looking out of high-rise offices, apartments, and so on. 

To give you more peace of mind, we even send you monthly proof of postings providing clear images where you are able to see the condition of your wrap on the vehicle for yourself.

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Sustainable Glasgow Taxi Advertising 

Scotland is a nation full of natural beauty, and it is home to 6 World Heritage Sites in total. Following sustainable practices in taxi advertising is of great importance to protect and preserve Glasgow’s local environment. 

At Drovo, there are various steps we take to reduce the carbon impact and emissions for our Glasgow taxi advertising campaigns, including 

  • Using non-PVC recyclable taxi wraps
  • Running production facilities with renewable energy 
  • Offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions generated in every campaign
  • Encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles by paying EV drivers more

Leverage Taxi Advertising Around Live Events in Glasgow 

Glasgow regularly hosts live events attracting mass audiences in their thousands. Venues which are guaranteed to lead to a huge spike in Glasgow on-street audiences and outdoor traffic include

  • The OVO Hydro – which often hosts the biggest world stars in music and entertainment
  • Celtic and Rangers matches, with stadium seating capacities of 60,411 and 50,817 respectively 
  • Hampden Park – the Scottish national football stadium, capacity of 51,866. 

Leverage taxi advertising campaigns to connect with outdoor audiences in the lead-up and following these high-attendance events. Advertising to football match street-level audiences, for instance, is perfect for beverage, clothing, retail brands, and more.

Taxi advertising enables your brand to get up close with people attending live events in Glasgow and increase your brand awareness in the city.

Brand Activations for Taxi Campaigns Around Live Events

There are ways to be more creative and generate even more hype towards your brand immediately before and after sporting events, concerts, and entertainment shows in Glasgow. Fun, cleverly-worked brand activations are another method of piquing people’s interest in your brand around live events. 

At Drovo, we are able to organise brand activations in Glasgow such as:

  • Taxi swarms –  coordinated fleets of 2+ branded taxis circling a specific location or a point of interest for several hours
  • VIP experience – sending celebrities, influencers, or C-suite professionals in one of your wrapped branded taxis to an event, such as an exclusive evening at a bar, a club night, or a film premiere
  • Product samples facilitated by a brand ambassador – this will bring your product to on-street audiences and let them sample it for themselves

Retarget Outdoor Audiences with Digital Advertising via Shadowfencing

Today’s world is digital, and a great way to lift brand awareness with outdoor audiences in Glasgow is to combine offline Out-of-Home taxi campaigns with digital advertising. Hit audiences in Glasgow with both by choosing the shadowfencing mobile geofence technology option with your Glasgow taxi campaign. Shadowfencing technology will deliver complimentary ads to audiences within 200 metres of the moving vehicle and/or to those travelling in the vehicle itself.

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