Why Carbon Neutral Advertising Is Important

Being carbon neutral advertising in the Out-of-Home industry context is the act of balancing any carbon emissions from campaigns with the absorption of carbon. Carbon neutrality is often achieved in OOH advertising efforts through carbon offsetting projects.

At Drovo, we are the largest carbon neutral transit media advertising provider in the UK. Here we outline why carbon neutral advertising is so important for OOH advertisers in 2024.

Contribute to Global Decarbonisation

The presence of too much carbon in the atmosphere accelerates the global warming process and leads to more and more extreme weather. The reduction of carbon in the atmosphere is known as decarbonisation. 

One key reason why carbon neutral advertising is so important for advertisers in 2024 is to show the world that they are taking clear actions to do their bit to reduce greenhouse gases and the effects of global warming in campaigns. 

What’s more, if you have specific sustainability targets to meet, as many companies do, engaging in carbon neutral advertising is a clever way to eliminate your carbon footprint and easily hit those targets.

Find a Responsible OOH Carbon-Neutral Advertising Provider

OOH media reached 52.32 million people weekly in Great Britain in Q2 of 2023, and transit media is an OOH advertising form that further increases your reach due to its ability to mobile nature and how it moves with audiences in busy urban spaces.

Not only does transit media offer high reach, but we at Drovo are also able to provide advertisers with carbon neutral taxi advertising campaigns that make a significant contribution to decarbonisation.

Examples of sustainable advertising practices that we follow as a transit media provider include:

  • Ensuring 100% of carbon emissions every mile driven in our on-vehicle campaigns are offset.
  • Encouraging electric vehicle adoption by paying electric vehicle drivers more than combustion vehicle drivers.
  • Having all our taxi wraps made out of non-PVC 100% recyclable materials.
  • Making sure that our taxi advertising wraps are made in production facilities powered by renewable energy. 
  • Signing a recent deal with Bolt providing advertisers with access to an exclusively electric-powered fleet of TXEs.

Enhance Your Business Reputation 

According to a forecast analysis from Cognizant Research and Oxford Economics, the annual growth in sustainability budgets amongst UK businesses between 2025 and 2030 will be 13%. 

So, with businesses across the board investing heavily in sustainable carbon neutral advertising and making commitments, you don’t want to be the odd one out, it will do your business no favours. Follow sustainable advertising habits to ensure you are making a positive impact in reducing carbon emissions.

Making sure your transit media efforts are carbon neutral and transparently sustainable is a must-have for eco-friendly brands with a commitment to sustainability in 2024. 

Sustainability may be one of your core values. Carbon neutral advertising is a great opportunity to be progressive and reduce your carbon footprint to help you meet those key targets that show you are serious about operating as a sustainable business. 

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Help Attract New Investment 

Getting investment for your business is always a challenge, with boards expecting a lot for their money, time, and energy. Being a company that makes a great effort to engage in sustainable advertising methods will help your ‘positioning’ to attract new investment. 

Show prospective investors that sustainability is important to your company and not something you are willing to compromise on through your actions. 

Invest in Carbon Neutral Advertising to Get Ahead of Your Market Competitors

Markets are as competitive as ever in 2024, and there are many different ways to get ahead of your market competitors. 

Have you noticed your closest competitors are weak when it comes to adopting sustainable practices? Invest in carbon neutral advertising to save the planet, and at the same time show the world how this is an issue you take much more seriously than your competition. 

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