6 Advantages of Embracing DOOH Adoption in 2024

The search engine giant Google was invented in 1998 by American computer scientists Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and the growth of the internet and the use of digital platforms skyrocketed with 1.03 billion internet users worldwide by 2005.    

Gradually, different industries and sectors of business have undergone digital transformations after learning how best to leverage digital platforms to engage modern-day consumers, increase brand awareness, raise efficiency, remove errors, and save valuable time. 

Digital technology started out by transforming the retail industry and disrupting traditional consumer shopping habits. E-commerce and online marketplaces enabled shoppers to go onto online stores and websites and complete their purchases with a few clicks.

And then marketing and advertising started experiencing digital transformation, first came email marketing, Google display ads, and then social media brand campaigns.

Digital Out-of-Home adoption signifies the arrival of digital technology to transform how Out-of-Home advertising is executed and interacts with outdoor audiences.

Here we take a look at the positives of embracing DOOH adoption in 2024.

The Advantages of Embracing DOOH Adoption

1. Benefit from the Wide Reach of DOOH

To build your brand and create a solid loyal customer base, you need to get your name out there and consumers have to familiarise themselves with the products and services you offer and how they benefit from them.

According to Route, 38.54 million individuals saw DOOH ads in Great Britain. One of the key advantages of embracing DOOH adoption for brands is therefore its assured broad audience reach.

2. Combine Offline Out-of-Home with Digital Advertising

Embracing modern technology amplifies the reach and value of your digital Out-of-Home efforts by combining offline and online advertising in a complementary manner.

The shadowfencing technology we use in our taxi and on-vehicle screen campaigns at Drovo sends contextually relevant complementary display ads to individuals’ mobile devices to those in close proximity and within the moving branded vehicle.

New DOOH technologies like shadowfencing continue the conversation with audiences and send them relevant follow up ads across multiple devices. 

DOOH technology in 2024 isn’t limited to sending ads to audiences’ mobiles. Use shadowfencing for cross-device retargeting on Connected Televisions, tablets, and laptops. That way, you will be able to retarget outdoor audiences that have already seen your ads on their home devices.

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3. Respond to Real-World Circumstances

Another benefit of brands embracing Dynamic DOOH adoption is that dynamic DOOH is capable of responding in real-time to real-world circumstances and changes in the immediate environment. 

Get in touch with us to find out more about how Drovo’s dynamic on-vehicle screens in London are able to adapt and display different ads according to the weather conditions. For instance, showing a vehicle top advertisement of a clothing brand’s winter range whenever the outside temperature drops below 5 degrees.

4. Enhance Brand Awareness Amongst Younger Audiences

Gen Zers are dubbed ‘digital natives’ because they grew up with the internet and have never lived in a world without it, and for many youngsters today, scrolling through mobile phones frequently daily is second nature to them. Embracing DOOH and leveraging new ad tech will help your brand make a greater impact on younger audiences.

5. Improve Your DOOH Targeting

Embracing DOOH means benefitting from granular targeting and the opportunity to put Out-of-Home ads in front of the right audiences at the right time. 

The enhanced targeting DOOH provides is ideal for brands looking to make an impact on more specific audience groups, and granular targeting in precise locations resonates with smaller target audiences when accompanied by contextually relevant or personalised campaign messaging.

6. Buy DOOH Quickly & Simply Thanks to the Programmatic Technology

In the past, Out-of-Home ad buying was a manual and sometimes complicated process, but programmatic technology has enabled a more automated and streamlined option for executing campaigns.

Brands in 2024 embracing DOOH can participate in automated programmatic media buying for Digital Out-of-Home ad inventories, which will save valuable time.

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