The Advantages of Augmented Reality OOH Campaigns

Augmented Reality (AR) Out-of-Home campaigns today generate personalised and immersive experiences that live long in the memories of consumers.

Advertisers are rapidly realising the advantages of harnessing augmented reality technology in campaigns. According to Statista, the worldwide AR advertising market is forecasted to grow by 56.31% in 2023-2027, reaching 6.93 billion US dollars in 2027.

Here we evaluate the advantages of augmented reality OOH campaigns.

Augmented Reality OOH Campaigns Need More Resources But Are Also More Engaging

The dynamic and interactive elements of augmented reality OOH campaigns encourage interaction from outdoor audiences which helps to pique their interest and engagement.

A prime example of a personalised augmented reality OOH campaign that provided an engaging immersive real world experience was the BON V!V Spiked Seltzer ad in San Diego & LA

The experience was activated with a QR code scan on a mural using smartphone cameras. Consumers were presented with a 3D vending machine with interactive animations, where they selected and dispensed their favourite can of BON V!V Spiked Seltzer using augmented reality.

Audiences were then directed to the nearest store with the drink or a link to purchase the product online and locations selling BON V!V Spiked Seltzer in the California area.

The personalised augmented reality BON V!V Spiked Seltzer offline mural ad campaign successfully translated into an immersive connected product purchasing experience for audiences. 

Audiences Can Experience Products Before Making a Purchase

Audiences like to be able to truly experience and get a genuine feel for a product before parting with their money. Another advantage of using AR technology in OOH advertising campaigns is it presents consumers with an opportunity to experience a product for themselves before making a purchase. 

In a retail survey on AR, 57% revealed they’re more likely to buy from a brand that allows them to try on an item using AR. In Augmented Reality OOH campaigns, you can offer consumers the option to try before they buy.

Augmented Reality OOH Supplements Other Out-of-Home Media Formats

OOH media provides you with many different options for interacting with audiences and leaving a lasting impression on them. 

In 2024, there is a wide variety of Out-of-Home formats that Augmented Reality OOH experiences can supplement and further enhance, including

If you supplement augmented reality OOH with the on-vehicle screens we offer at Drovo, your advertisements will provide an interactive experience and move seamlessly with audiences in London, increasing audience exposure and brand awareness along the way.

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AR Bridges Offline and Digital Advertising

The way consumers are able to activate QR codes in augmented reality OOH campaigns lends itself to results across digital channels. For example, a QR code placed in an AR campaign that sends consumers directly to a web page or application can lead to an increase in traffic or app downloads.

The Burger King ‘Burn that Ad’ campaign used its rivals’ billboards to advertise its own product using augmented reality, this is a perfect example of an AR OOH campaign which successfully bridged offline and digital advertising. 

The campaign resulted in 1 million app downloads and an increase in in-app sales by 56.4%.

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