Top Tips for Birmingham Taxi Advertising Campaigns

It’s not only London that is home to iconic taxis. That’s right, there are also plenty of iconic taxis riding around in Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest city.

Birmingham taxi advertising offers you: 

  • High-reach to a population of 1.2 million (just under 4 million if you include the surrounding ‘Greater Birmingham metropolitan area’ in the West Midlands)
  • Access to a young consumer market – Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe with 40% of the population being under 25 years old
  • A huge student market that is growing year after year – the city is now home to 5 universities
  • A bustling city centre – your taxi advertising will be seen by keen shoppers around the Bullring

Research the Target Audience of Your Birmingham Taxi Advertising Campaigns

It’s always best to start with the basics during the earlier stages of planning your taxi campaigns.

Who are your target audience? Which outdoor spaces do they visit? 

If you want to target the student demographic, delivering a taxi advertising campaign around the Selly Oak area in Birmingham is a must!

If you want to advertise luxury goods and target high-income individuals, you may want your taxi advertisements to pass through Central Birmingham or Harborne East, as these are the 2 wealthiest areas in Birmingham based on residents’ average annual salary. 

Are you looking to connect with sports enthusiasts? Run a taxi campaign in Birmingham that circulates around Villa Park or St Andrews on matchdays. 

Learn How Best to Make an Impact on Your Target Audience

The overriding primary goal of your Birmingham taxi advertising efforts should be to make a real impact on your audience. But how do you raise brand awareness and also convert passersby and those in close proximity/inside taxis into paying customers? 

A great way to boost your conversions and make an impact is by retargeting mobile devices through shadowfencing. According to a 2023 survey, 69% of online purchases in the UK were made on smartphone devices. 

Shadowfencing technology delivers mobile display ads whenever outdoor audiences come within 200 metres of your taxi advertising vehicle and enter the mobile ‘fence’. The technology also retargets the same outdoor audiences once they leave the shadowfence area to bring Out-of-Home into the home to deliver ads on Connected TVs, Laptops, and tablet devices.

Go with Drovo, and your next taxi advertising campaign in Brum will truly bridge the gap between Out-of-Home and digital advertising.

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How Do I Measure Birmingham Taxi Advertising Campaigns?

Are you reflecting on how to measure OOH advertising campaigns in Birmingham? Out-of-Home advertising is all about measuring results and learning from them to help inform your future strategic decisions and planning for campaigns. 

With Drovo Birmingham taxi advertising campaigns, you get access to our highly intuitive easy to use live tracking dashboard. The dashboard will provide you with full transparency over where exactly your taxi campaigns have travelled in the city and also offer you insightful key real-time information on

  • Impressions delivered
  • Total distance covered in miles
  • A heatmap of delivery throughout the city
  • Bi-weekly proof of posting to ensure your assets are on the streets and in perfect conditions 

No other OOH provider is offering the level of transparency to monitor your live taxi advertising campaigns in real-time and with such detail as we are with our live vehicle tracking dashboard at Drovo.

To find out more, simply watch the video below where we explain a bit more about how our dashboard works and how you navigate it.

Move with Your Audience

Billboards are great, but wouldn’t it be better if they were able to move with your audience? 

Another key perk of opting for taxi advertising for your Birmingham media campaign is that taxis move with your outdoor audiences, and occupy the same spaces your target audiences travel through regularly! 

The Extended Reach of Birmingham Taxi Advertising

Birmingham taxi advertising offers advertisers extended reach and the opportunity to connect with their target audiences and be visible in corners of the city that other forms of Out-of-Home transit media will not be able to access.

For example, with bus advertising, only some streets in Birmingham are situated on a designated bus route, whereas our vehicle campaigns have unlimited reach and are therefore able to reach your audiences in all the nooks and crannies of urban areas.

Brand Activation Events for Birmingham Taxi Campaigns

Another service we offer to put the icing on the cake for Birmingham taxi advertising campaigns and maximise your impact on the second city’s audiences is taxi campaign related brand activations, including:

  • Taxi Swarm events
  • VIP experience (transporting celebrities, influencers, CEOs, or other influential or well known individuals to a set location, such as a bar or a restaurant hosting an event, in a taxi wrapped in your branding)
  • Handing out product samples (with us providing the brand ambassador for you) – just like we did for Paco Rabanne handing out over 5,000 perfume samples.

At Drovo, we have experience in providing successful taxi swarms in Birmingham. We performed a campaign for Lisa Eldridge Beauty in the second city.

Drovo taxi campaign in central London

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