Leveraging Below the Line Advertising

Below the line advertising is when products and services are advertised and promoted through media outside the mainstream, e.g. not via radio, newspapers, and television. Below the line advertising is a more targeted and direct approach to connecting with audiences and therefore BTL campaigns are targeted at more specific audiences. 

At Drovo Media, we are transit media advertising specialists and our live dashboard simplifies the tracking and monitoring of your OOH taxi campaigns. Here, Drovo takes a look at leveraging below the line advertising.

Below the Line Advertising Examples

To kick things off, let’s look at a list of some below the line advertising examples:

  • Targeted email marketing
  • Mail marketing (receiving an advertisement card through your door about a product or service) 
  • Google ads (localised campaigns) 
  • Social media marketing
  • Trade show events 
  • Industry catalogues or magazines 
  • Search engine marketing (targeted SEO campaigns to attract specific groups)

Granted, below the line advertising is a little less extravagant than large plush billboard campaigns or extravagant TV advertising commercials designed to raise brand awareness with mass audiences, as you get with above the line advertising. Nevertheless, targeted below the line advertising yields results when it’s done properly.

A recent study found that direct mail marketing had an impressive response rate of 5.3%, compared to 0.6% for email marketing.

Researching your audience properly and targeting them effectively by meeting their needs and understanding their habits, and below the line advertising strategies can be highly successful and rewarding.

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Above the Line Advertising Examples

In order to compare and contrast the below the line and above the line advertising, let’s consider some examples of above the line advertising. Above the line advertising media formats with mass audiences include

  • Bus stop advertising 
  • Radio advertisements
  • Newspaper ads
  • Television commercials 
  • Billboard and poster advertisements

Below the Line vs Above the Line Advertising 

It’s only right that we now compare below and above the line advertising since they both adopt different advertising tactics and have different objectives. 

One fundamental difference between the two is that above the line advertising focuses on untargeted campaigns, whereas in contrast, below the line ad campaigns are typically designed to be highly targeted. So, this means that above the line ads ‘cast the net wider’, and below the line ads try to connect with smaller specific audience groups. 

Another key difference between the two advertising approaches lies in the media mediums that they use. Below the line advertising increasingly takes advantage of new media outside the traditional mainstream, this includes social media marketing, email marketing, Google ads and so on. Digital software, such as Google Analytics, is able to draw on data to support the creation of targeted below the line digital marketing campaigns.

Through the Line Advertising

Just to confuse things a little further, there’s also ‘through the line advertising’! Through the line, advertising is when advertisers decide to blend mass brand awareness campaign activities with campaigns targeted at clearly defined audiences. In essence, it is a combination of ATL and BTL advertising. 

Drovo Offers Both Below the Line and Above the Line Advertising 

What if you could have the best of both worlds? Well, that is what we offer at Drovo! For above the line advertising, our taxi campaigns are able to supercharge your brand awareness amongst larger audiences. A major benefit of on-vehicle advertising is the ability to move with your audience and generate sky high impressions along the way.

In terms of below the line advertising and targeting smaller audiences, the taxi ‘swarms’ we offer at Drovo can also help you connect with audiences in more specific locations. Is your brand launching a new store soon and you are looking to generate a palpable local buzz in the area? Take a look at a taxi swarm event we ran for Rustlers in the video below to see how taxi swarms with Drovo work. 

You should now know more about below the line advertising and how to go about leveraging it to connect with smaller target audiences.

Drovo taxi campaign with formula E in London

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