How to Connect with Urban Audiences Through Granular DOOH Targeting

Granular targeting is a hyper specific and precise way for brands to target audience groups in Out-of-Home advertising campaigns. It’s all about identifying and narrowing down your core target audience and making your campaigns as relevant to your brand as possible.

DOOH has taken off in a big way in recent years, and the shift towards Digital Out-of-Home is showing no signs of slowing down. Data from Route research indicates that digital screens are now seen by 83% of the UK population each week. 

The starting point of deciding which specific groups to target in granular targeted campaigns is to create customer ‘personas’ who represent your ideal target customer (or ‘buyer’). 

Cities are big places, and targeting specific groups in your campaigns successfully is sometimes challenging. There is a wide range of ways that focussing on granular targeting will help you connect with urban audiences, let’s delve into some of them.

Granular DOOH Targeting Leverages Data

Digital Out-of-Home advertising in 2024 draws on a wealth of varied data sets to ensure granular targeting with precision. 

Examples of data sets that targeted DOOH campaigns leverage in order to chime with local outdoor urban audiences include:

  • The specific geolocation of audiences – Granular targeting allows you to narrow audiences down to a single street, for instance
  • Demographic groups (including age ranges)
  • Live on-street traffic data, including vehicle traffic and footfall from pedestrians
  • Details of current weather conditions
  • Dayparting – displaying different ads to audiences at different times of the day

Responds in Real-Time to Changing Urban Environments

Applying granular targeting causes your DOOH campaigns to react and respond in real-time to real-world triggers.

Crowded urban outdoor environments are in constant flux, so why not use modern ad tech to ensure your Digital Out-of-Home campaigns keep up and sync in an efficient timely manner with changes in circumstances? 

Instead of showing a generic ad of a café, why don’t you show lattés in the morning, meal deals at lunch, and evening treats at dinner time?

Another example of a real-world trigger could be that it suddenly starts raining. Thanks to digital programmatic advertising, you are now able to fine-tune your digital screen campaigns to display winter clothing brands or waterproof products when it rains heavily, and hats or lighter clothes when the sun is shining. 

Helps You Target Specific Audience Groups

You might not want to target all fathers on Father’s Day with your DOOH campaign efforts, you may want to target fathers in west London aged 35-40. 

Granular targeting helps ensure you show the right advertisements to the right outdoor audiences at the right time and is adept at targeting more specific groups.

Granular DOOH Targeting Drives Up Digital Engagement Levels 

With granular targeting, combine the worlds of offline OOH and digital advertising in 2024. One of the benefits of focusing on eye-catching dynamic digital OOH screens is that it leads to a direct increase in your digital engagements. 

Add a shadowfencing option to your package with Drovo. 

A shadowfence is a mobile geofence that moves with outdoor audiences, delivering a complimentary digital ad to the devices of on-street audiences within the distance of the boundary, however big or small you decide to set it. 

Shadowfencing pushes higher-quality consumer engagements and its complimentary retargeted digital ads often enjoy higher Click-through-Rates than standard digital campaigns.

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Provides Your Target Audience with Contextually Relevant Ads

There is no point in showing outdoor ads on products and services that urban audiences are clearly disinterested in. 

Thankfully, another beauty of granular targeting is that it helps you provide target audience groups with contextually relevant ads. 

Serving contextually relevant ads at the right time makes outdoor audiences more interested and engaged in your products or services and making spur of the moment purchasing decisions. 

For example, dayparting will display breakfast meals to audiences between 6 and 10 am when people may be travelling to work and in the ‘mindset’ for a tasty breakfast, sandwich lunch deals from 12 pm – 2 pm at lunchtime, and dinnertime food from 5 pm onwards when many are on their way home from work and feeling hungry. 

Creates a More Memorable Experience for Outdoor Audiences

The main trick to mastering OOH advertising campaigns is making sure that your ads are memorable and managing to the front of the minds of your identified target audience. 

That way, consumers exposed to your outdoor DOOH ads are much more likely to consider your brand when it comes to making a purchase. 

Granular targeting exposes your target audience to outdoor ads which are particularly relevant to them and this helps to provide them with a more memorable experience that stays longer in the memory. 

Granular DOOH Targeting in Transit Media Campaigns 

The mobile billboard element of transit media advertising is there to complement your static digital billboards.

Dynamic Digital OOH skyrockets reach and visibility for brands by moving with outdoor audiences in busy vibrant urban spaces. 

At Drovo, we are proud to be the first provider in the UK to offer unique on-vehicle screens as a high-impact advertising service for brands and advertisers. 

If you are looking for granular targeted transit media DOOH campaigns that cut through the noise, grasp the attention of on-street audiences, and keep your products at the front of consumers’ minds, trusting Drovo Media is a wise choice that you won’t regret.


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