4 Ways Dynamic Digital OOH Will Benefit Your Campaigns

Digital Out-of-Home is thriving in the UK. The AA/WARC Expenditure Report showed the sector enjoying a 6.8% Year-on-year growth in ad spend in Q1 of 2023 compared to Q1 of 2022. 

Dynamic digital OOH manages to change the creative based on real-world triggers and events. There are a range of benefits for brands and advertisers that come with optimising DOOH campaigns in real-time. 

Here we explore 4 different ways using dynamic digital OOH will benefit your outdoor campaigns.

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  1. The Enhanced Hypertargeting Capabilities of Dynamic Digital OOH 

The marvel of dynamic digital OOH is its aptitude for responding in real-time to real-world circumstances and changes to hyper-target outdoor audiences. Examples of real-world triggers dynamic DOOH responds to include

  • Specific changes in geolocation
  • Changes in the weather conditions –  such as advertising winter clothing whenever it drops below 4 C and sun cream protector whenever it goes above 25 C
  • Time of day
    • Digital advertisements displaying coffee products from 7-9 am when commuters are on their way to work, for example
  • Live sporting events
  • Special days of the year – such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Boxing Day.
  1. Contextually Relevant Ads for Outdoor Audiences 

It helps you connect with outdoor audiences when you are able to deliver contextually relevant or personalised ads that resonate with them. For example, dynamic digital OOH formats can display advertisements with Korean text outside a live K-Pop concert event. Or, if you want to make an impact on audiences on Father’s Day, roll out contextually relevant personalised dynamic digital ads aimed at fathers throughout the day. 

According to OOH today, contextually relevant DOOH ads based on location lead to an uplift in audience response of 

  • +16% Increase in sales
  • +17% Spontaneous recall
  • +18% Customer reception 
  1. Optimised Timing 

Precise delivery timing can undoubtedly be of value in your DOOH advertising campaigns. You often only have a small window for your ads to connect with outdoor audiences in busy cities. Dynamic DOOH’s bolstered hyper targeting capabilities enable modern brands to connect with the right audiences at the right times. 

  1. Target Outdoor Audiences Already Interested in Your Products or Services 

Focusing on outdoor audiences’ digital behaviours, including interests, online purchases, and app usage means you can target your dynamic digital OOH campaigns at those who are already likely to be interested in your product or service. In this way, you can use dynamic digital OOH to advertise to those who already have an ‘active mindset’ and a raised interest in what you offer as a brand.

Transit Media Dynamic Digital OOH

Dynamic digital OOH can come in a wide variety of formats, including 

  • Digital Transit Media 
  • Large scale billboards
  • Video advertisements 
  • D6 screens 
  • Bus stop advertising
  • Airport advertising

With Drovo’s car billboard advertising campaigns, you get measurable dynamic digital OOH transit media that moves with your audiences. 

Outdoor audiences find our high-definition LED on-vehicle screens visually compelling. So, running a campaign with Drovo is sure to create hype, excitement, and improved brand recognition for you amongst outdoor audiences.
At Drovo, we provide sustainable transit media advertising by 100% carbon offsetting every mile driven in our dynamic digital OOH and taxi advertising campaigns with our offsetting partner Furthr.

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