Leveraging OOH Technology for Audience-Based Targeting

Traditional Out-of-Home advertising, static in nature, generally reaches a wide audience and is utilised to increase awareness of a brand. Programmatic ad buying technology is a more precise way of targeting audiences since it relies on real-time data on consumer behaviour and changes in response to real-world events or ‘triggers’. 

Here we take a look into leveraging OOH technology for audience-based targeting in campaigns.

Improve Your Audience-Based Targeting with OOH Technologies 

DOOH technology is now able to use data to improve granular targeting. Are you looking to connect with a specific niche audience and show them contextually relevant ads? Dynamic digital OOH drawing on data enhances campaigns to respond to real-world circumstances. According to a DOOH survey by the Drum, 96% of senior execs said they believe DOOH data improves campaign creativity and allows brands to further leverage granular targeting.

If you need to improve your campaign targeting, make sure you get the most out of data-driven OOH technology, In 2024, Digital-Out-of-Home is all about capitalising on ‘moments’, and programmatic technology helps you deliver the right ads to the right specific outdoor audiences at the right time. 

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Optimise Your OOH Campaigns By Touching on Real-World Triggers

Today, dynamic digital OOH technology is able to respond to real-world triggers in real-time mid-campaign. This helps you deliver highly contextually relevant ads that connect with outdoor audiences. 

Examples of real-world triggers that OOH tech responds to include 

  • Weather conditions – displaying OOH ads for warm winter food or winter clothing brands whenever it is 5C or below outside
  • Precise geolocation – displaying a different ad from one street to another based on data
  • Time of day – displaying ads for breakfast food and coffee before 10 am 

Behavioural Audience-Based Targeting

Provided outdoor audiences allow location permissions on their mobile devices, you are able to target them based on their behaviours. What apps do they use? What types of products do they search for and compare online? 

According to a dynamic DOOH survey by OOH today, brain response increases by 18% when audiences view contextually relevant content in DOOH campaigns. Therefore, basing your OOH campaign strategies on responding to outdoor audiences’ different behaviours and their user habits on mobile devices will help to fine-tune your targeting.

Use Video Advertising to Captivate OOH Audiences

Moving video media is a compelling way to captivate the attention of outdoor audiences and take brand exposure in targeted campaigns to another level. Certain products, such as luxury clothing and beauty products, will look so much more appealing to audiences when displayed from different angles in video format.

At Drovo, our high-quality double-sided on-vehicle advertising screens do a stellar job of attracting eyeballs with clear video advertisements that are visible from both sides of the street. Interested in finding out more about how our digital screens help improve brand engagement with outdoor audiences? Get in touch with our sales team

Insightful Real-time OOH Campaign Tracking

OOH technologies like the proprietary live vehicle tracking dashboard we have created for our taxi campaigns at Drovo provide insightful real-time tracking and data on live on-street impressions and the distance covered by each vehicle in the campaign. Break down this data to see how many impressions you generated streets and neighbourhoods within a city. 

The Drovo dashboard is easy to use, access it at any time to look into your campaign performance metrics down to the hour or minute. 

Lead Exposed Outdoor Audiences Further Down the Funnel with Shadowfencing 

In 2024, innovative technology will continue to enable transit media to create a bridge between OOH and digital targeted advertising. The shadowfencing technology we use at Drovo sends digital ads to the same Out-of-Home audiences to further reinforce brand recognition and push exposed outdoor audiences further down the sales funnel.

Shadowfencing technology creates a virtual mobile geofence around a moving branded vehicle in taxi advertising campaigns to send complimentary ads to the mobile devices of outdoor audiences within 200 metres of the moving branded vehicle. 

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