Earn up to £200 passive income a month for driving as usual

A gathering of private vehicles in a swarming event featuring meatless farm branding

Earn more while you drive

Here at Drovo we’re making every mile count with out-of-home advertising. We’re the UK’s largest network of carbon-neutral moving media, specialising in black cabs, electric vehicles, city cars and vans.

We’re inviting Tide users who own a vehicle to sign up to Drovo and earn up to £200 passive income a month for the hours already spent driving.

How does it work?

Get your vehicle branded with Drovo

  • 1

    Get started

    Sign up with Drovo today and gain access to advertising campaigns.

  • 2

    Get wrapped

    Get your vehicle professionally wrapped

  • 3

    Get paid

    Drive as normal and get paid monthly by bank transfer.

Private car with Fund Ourselves branding in front of London Eye
Vehicle being wrapped by a professional vinyl wrap fitter

Drovo’s quality assurance

  • Sustainable and high quality vehicle wrapping
  • Safe and secure wrapping and unwrapping process
  • Hassle-free installation and removal at a convenient time and location
  • Seamless and automated monthly payments

Sign up now to our Anyvan campaign

Earn up to £2100 over 18 months by getting your luton van wrapped in Anyvan branding. We use smart technology to calculate your payments based on your driving patterns. The more you drive, the more people see you, the more you get paid

Luton van wrapped in Anyvan livery in front of red lanterns in Chinatown London