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Programmatic Ad on Drovo's dynamic digital screen topper

Dynamic digital screens

Drovo Digital Screens are revolutionising the way brands engage with their target audience.

Our groundbreaking technology provides a unique opportunity to capture the attention of busy city dwellers, on the move.

Utilising sophisticated geo-targeting and programmatic capabilities, we enable our clients to customise their message to be seen at the right place and time, with maximum impact.

Our bespoke screens are the perfect way to make a statement, boosting your brand visibility and engagement.

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Drovo Screens


Central London. Our fleets will be operating in high visibility areas.

  Operation Type

Our commercial fleet vehicles and city cars operate in central London and are driven by full-time employed professionals.


Adverts Automatically Configure to geo-locations, weather AND time of day. Alterations are available in real time.


Impressions / reach / frequency / total showings / vehicle movement data

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Drovo campaign on electric taxi in Picadilly circus

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