What Do Programmatic Guaranteed Deals Offer Advertisers?

Programmatic guaranteed is an exclusive advertiser-publisher one-on-one deal where advertisers can purchase ad inventory directly from publishers. 

The advertiser agrees to pay a fixed price for a fixed number of impressions, and once the deal is closed, the publisher then saves the ad inventory exclusively for the advertiser in question.

Programmatic guaranteed ad buying is also known as programmatic direct since no auction bidding process takes place. 

What to find out more? Carry on reading as we discuss programmatic advertising and provide our insights into what Programmatic Guaranteed deals offer advertisers.

How Does Programmatic Guaranteed Ad Buying Work? 

In a programmatic guaranteed deal, an advertiser’s DSP analyses each impression. Advertisers are supplied with data that tells them which audience an impression correlates to, and impressions that align well with the advertiser’s audience will show the advertiser’s ad automatically. The price and all audience-related factors are fixed and agreed upon before the deal is finalised. 

The Benefits of Programmatic Guaranteed

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of the Programmatic Guaranteed for advertisers. 

Gives Advertisers More Control

When launching a new ad campaign, you will want to lay out certain expectations before spending money, and this could include the number of impressions, CPM, etc. In programmatic guaranteed deals, you agree on fixed prices to allow you to plan your campaign efficiently and remove the potential for any hidden extra costs.

Want more control? Programmatic guaranteed deals are for you. 

At Drovo, we are also big on giving advertisers and brands back more control and transparency over their OOH transit ad campaigns. 

Our proprietary live tracking dashboard provides you with access to key real-time data such as impressions and distance driven by each vehicle that help give you vital insights into your taxi campaign’s performance. Check out the live Drovo vehicle tracking dashboard below.

Looking to make a major impact on OOH campaigns? Our transit media campaigns certainly make an impression on street-level audiences wherever they go. That’s why Drovo has worked with prestigious brands including American Express, Deliveroo, Paco Rabanne, Hyatt, Steve Madden, and more.

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The Ability to Access Vital Data Before Agreeing a Deal

Before you enter into a pre-arranged ad buying deal, it’s nice to have certain reassurances. You get access to the following data with programmatic guaranteed deals 

  • Rankings
  • Impressions
  • Prices
  • Dates

Improved Audience Targeting 

By looking at a publisher’s current available inventory, you will have control over choosing where and when your ads will be shown. Can’t see ad spaces that suit your target audience? Find another publisher that is better matched to your target audience. 

The Efficiency of Programmatic Guaranteed Deals

Ad auctions sometimes can be a drawn-out process. But automated Programmatic Guaranteed deals are more time-efficient, freeing up your time to make your campaign as creative and compelling as possible for target audiences.

A research report from the Boston Consulting Group (BSG) concluded that publishers save 57% more time and agencies/advertisers equally 29% with programmatic guaranteed deals.

The Downsides of Programmatic Guaranteed Deals for Advertisers

Let’s now take a closer look at the downsides of programmatic guaranteed deals for advertisers.  

Lack of a Benchmark Price 

There is no benchmark price to work from, thus it can be difficult for advertisers to know whether the publisher is asking for a reasonable price, or if they are paying over the odds. Do your research on average market prices for ad inventory in your sector and for your target audience to ensure you avoid overpaying for ads and denting your ad campaign revenues.

Obligation to Buy

Remember to be careful and do your homework before entering into a programmatic guaranteed deal for ad buying. Once a guaranteed deal is made, that’s it, it’s done, the price is fixed and advertisers are obliged to buy the available inventory.

Programmatic Guaranteed vs Private Marketplace

A Private Marketplace (PMP) deal is an invitation-only private auction where a publisher invites a set group of buyers to bid for an inventory. This differs from the one-on-one deal that takes place with programmatic guaranteed deals.

In a Private Marketplace auction, the highest bidding advertisers will win the ad inventory. Whereas with programmatic guaranteed deals, negotiations take place beforehand and the price is pre-arranged and fixed. 

Preferred Deals 

Preferred deals in programmatic direct ad buying enable publishers to provide private ‘first look’ access to their ad impressions for selected advertisers.

Advertisers that have struck a preferred deal with a publisher have the option to purchase the specific ad impressions agreed upon in the deal before the impressions are then pushed to a Private Marketplace or open auction. For this reason, this stage of the preferred deals process is also known as the ‘right of first refusal’.

At Drovo, we are an on-vehicle advertising provider that will skyrocket the reach of your OOH campaigns. 

What’s more, the shadowfencing technology we leverage for taxi and private vehicle car top digital screen campaigns enables nearby street-level audiences to your branded vehicle to receive a complementary mobile ad as the vehicle passes by. 

You can also retarget them with ads once they have left the geofence mobile virtual boundary. In this way, we are truly creating a bridge between digital advertising and Out-of-Home media at Drovo.

You now should understand more about the programmatic ad buying process today and what programmatic guaranteed deals offer advertisers. We get programmatic advertising at Drovo and embrace its ability to raise the efficiency of OOH advertising.

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