A Guide to Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic technology has made the process of buying and selling advertising media much quicker and more efficient for all parties involved. Programmatic marketing is an algorithmic and technologically advanced marketing method and strategy that uses automated real-time bidding (RTB) to purchase your ad inventory. 

At Drovo, we harness the power of programmatic marketing in our on-vehicle Digital Out-of-Home campaigns to help you hyper target your OOH audiences.

We have used our funding to hire industry specialists in the programmatic marketing space, such as Frederic Lutt – Chief Revenue Officer, and we’re pleased to have him on board! 

Here we have come up with a guide to programmatic marketing. Carry on reading to learn more.

When Did Programmatic Media Buying Start? 

But when did this programmatic ad buying technology first emerge? The answer is in the early 2000s – just when the internet really started taking off! Clever programmatic technology has provided efficacy and precision to the marketing and advertising media buying industries.

What is an Ad Exchange? 

Programmatic marketing collateral is bought and sold using an ad exchange platform. But what exactly is an ad exchange in 2024? An ad exchange is a real-time bidding digital marketplace where advertisers, agencies, and publishers can all compete to bid on advertising inventory. The highest bidder in the auction will have their ad displayed by the publisher.

On a Private Marketplace (PMP) ad exchange, only advertisers selected by the publisher are permitted to enter and participate in the auction. The purpose of PMP ad exchanges is therefore to be more selective and help publishers prevent some of the ruthless bidding tactics sometimes deployed by advertisers on open exchanges from taking place. 

What Is a DSP? 

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) enable programmatic marketing and advertising by providing an automated digital marketplace for advertisers to buy and manage ad inventory made available by media publishers. 

Modern-day inventory sold across DSP advertising platforms can include

  • Digital Out-of-Home Ads
  • Sponsored search ads
  • Website ads
  • Video ads
  • Mobile Ads

The advantage of selling on a DSP for advertisers is that it gives you the ability to manage advertisements across multiple real-time bidding networks at the same time, making scaling your ads easy. 

What is an SSP? 

On the other side of things, a supply-side platform (SSP) is an autonomous software that allows publishers to sell ad impressions to advertisers in real time. The goal of using an SSP for publishers is to sell their ad impressions to the highest bidders. 

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Targeted Programmatic Marketing Displays

Above-the-line campaigns that focus on reaching broader audiences are one approach, but what if you want to create more targeted programmatic marketing campaigns? Being able to make an impact on your identified target audience and successfully encouraging them to make purchases from your ads will be dividends. 

Here at Drovo, we offer hyper targeted programmatic marketing displays in the form of our on-vehicle digital screen displays. Want to make a real impact on a set age range in a specific borough of London? Our targeted Digital Out-of-Home ad campaigns will ensure that for you. 

What’s more, we are using the latest shadowfencing technology to connect Out-of-Home and Digital Advertising and send complimentary display ads to consumers’ mobile devices as the brand vehicle passes them by. Why not make your targeted programmatic marketing all the more effective by also sending your target audience mobile ads? 

Here are a few words on how this all works and how Drovo is bridging the gap between Out-of-Home and digital advertising in a pioneering way from our very own Chief Revenue Officer, Frederic Lutt.

You can make sure that the audience in proximity of the taxi or in the taxi itself is exposed to your message further when they browse content on their mobile devices. Shadow fencing is a technologically advanced way to continue the conversation with your target audience and lead that audience to convert on your mobile site or app

Frederic Lutt

Chief Revenue Officer

The Benefits of Programmatic Marketing 

Now let’s explore a few more of the benefits of programmatic marketing with you.

Target the Right Audience

Ultimately, the goal of your marketing and advertising activities, whether digital, on television, radio, podcasts, or Out-of-Home, will be to put the right advertisements in front of the right audience for your brand. 

At Drovo, we run programmatic marketing OOH campaigns that provide granular targeting for your defined target audiences, and we do so using cutting-edge geotargeting technology to put ads in the right places.

We are a first mover in the UK transit media scene, creating a bridge between Out-of-Home and digital advertising, and we aren’t afraid to rocket launch your campaigns by breaking the mould and doing things differently.

Reach Large Audiences

Another benefit of programmatic marketing is that it allows you to reach larger audiences with efficiency. Brands have realised this, and hence programmatic advertising spend is forecast to reach 15.9% in 2024.

Perform Real Time Optimisations and Bidding

The real time bidding element of programmatic marketing enables you to shrewdly make bids on the best ads in real time. Once programmatic RTB campaigns are launched, you are then able to measure their performance and make the necessary adjustments in real time.

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