What Does a Programmatic Advertising Agency Do?

Programmatic advertising allows you to bid in real-time to purchase digital ad inventory. Are you looking to target your ads at a specific target audience and make an impact on them? Well, the great thing about programmatic advertising is that it uses the latest automated technology to ensure that your ads are put in front of the right audiences in ample moments.

A programmatic advertising agency works to help advertisers and publishers navigate the extensive complicated data on programmatic DSPs and SSPs and ensure advertisers achieve overall improved results for their programmatic advertising campaigns.

Programmatic advertising is here to stay and it has taken over from traditional media buying methods. 

At Drovo, we are a tech-savvy moving media provider that is changing the game with our on-vehicle digital screens. Why not rocket launch your Out-of-Home campaigns by showing your audiences contextually relevant ads that move with them as they navigate urban spaces and go about their daily business? We run campaigns in all major UK cities, and our clients find their impressions and reach soar while campaign rates are kept affordable thanks to their mobile and dynamic aspects. 

Setting up digital advertising screens for your campaigns with us is lightning quick thanks to programmatic advertising technology. 

Want to learn more about programmatic advertising in 2024? Let’s take a look at what a programmatic advertising agency does.

Reasons Why Brands Decide to Use a Programmatic Ad Agency

Why do brands take it upon themselves to use a programmatic ad agency? What are they looking for when they hire one? A lot of brands feel they don’t have the in-house capabilities and expertise to be able to navigate their way through programmatic ad exchanges confidently and get results, hence they choose to use a programmatic advertising agency.

Let’s explore what a programmatic advertising agency offers clients and why so many brands see them as a solution to their programmatic ad campaign needs and goals. 

Improved Campaign Targeting Capabilities

Brands often want to run targeted campaigns, and that means appealing to certain consumer groups and getting your ads in front of their eyeballs! Programmatic advertising agencies can help brands fine-tune their campaigns to target people based on age, location, interests, and so on. 

But what if you could display an Out-of-Home to your on-street target audience and also send an ad to their mobile device at the same time? A study in 2022 on the most common online purchases by device in the UK found that smartphone purchases accounted for 69% of online purchases. 

When you choose Drovo’s shadowfencing technology for your Out-of-Home campaigns, complementary display ads are delivered to consumers’ mobile devices as your branded vehicle passes by in immediate proximity. 

We are proud to be pathing the way and bridging the gap between Out-of-Home and digital advertising at Drovo. Focussing on hyper targeting to ensure your programmatic Out-of-Home campaigns make the greatest possible impact on your identified audience? Regardless of how small or specific your target audience is, choosing Drovo is the best option. 

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Master Programmatic Ad Exchanges

Programmatic ad exchanges draw on millions of data sets in order to place your ads in the right place and at the right time, and overseeing the optimisation of campaigns is complex and not easy to get your head around. Brands are always preoccupied with lots of operational concerns, and their time can be limited. Therefore, brands choose to use programmatic advertising agencies to guide them and help them get the most out of programmatic ad exchanges. 

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