OOH Placements: How to Choose Prime Locations for Your Ads

Out-of-Home advertisements are everywhere. A recent report on OOH ads in London found that 98% of adults see OOH advertising every week. So, there is no doubt that there is plenty of potential out there for brand awareness and the chance to connect with the right audiences. 

But what about OOH placements? How do you choose the right location for your Out-of-Home ads? 

Advertisers need to understand that the sales funnel and how consumers make decisions is pretty complex in 2024. Why so? Well, there is simply so much choice for consumers out there these days in both online and offline retail. In addition to this, not only do consumers see physical OOH ads frequently when outside, but they are also constantly being targeted by digital ads.

Let’s go into the process of deciding the ideal OOH placements and choosing the best locations for your outdoor ads. At Drovo Media, we use the latest cutting-edge technology to create a bridge between digital and Out-of-Home advertising. 

Know Your Target Audience 

A vital component of getting OOH placements right is knowing your target audience like the back of your hand, and importantly, their habits. It’s not enough to only have a good idea of where they live and sleep. Which outdoor spaces do they frequent? Do they take public transport often? Where do they go shopping? Are they in the car a lot? 

Having selected a prime location for your audience may not be enough to give you high levels of consumer engagement. Remember to try and encourage interaction with your audience through your OOH ads, these can help with engagement and conversions, for example, through QR codes or touchscreens.

Image of an OOH advertising billboard with a QR code.

Find Key Data on Local Traffic for Optimal OOH Placements

What are footfall numbers like in the near vicinity of the location of your OOH ad? How many motorists pass by the ad daily? Is your ad visible on highly used public transport routes? This, and more, is the sort of information you will need to give you a clear idea of the potential reach of your OOH ad.

After all, there is no point in spending a large chunk of your budget on an outdoor advertisement that barely anyone will see – the impact on consumers will be zero. 

At Drovo, the sophisticated live tracking dashboard we have created for our on-vehicle OOH advertising campaigns is able to provide you with useful real-time data on on-street impressions as your vehicle passes through different locations. 

The Drovo dashboard gives you complete transparency and accountability in enabling you to measure and monitor the live progress of your OOH campaigns. You can use this data to determine which locations provided you with the best ROI (return on investment) for transit media campaigns. 

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Transit OOH Advertising

In 2024, people are always on the move and don’t tend to stay in the same location for a long time. Transit media OOH advertising resolves this by allowing you to move with your audience and raise brand awareness and overall impressions.

At Drovo, we provide on-vehicle advertising with taxi and black cab wraps. We are ready to display your OOH transit ads in a multitude of prime locations across the country. To date, we have run Out-of-Home taxi campaigns in 14 different UK cities!

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Embrace Pioneering OOH Technology in 2024

Digital Out-of-Home technology has been here for the last two decades. Embracing pioneering DOOH technology and trusting in transit media to spread your brand messaging across a variety of prime locations is a wise move to help you connect better with on-street audiences in urban areas.

Drovo’s on-vehicle digital advertising screens are pretty captivating and do an excellent job of making sure people look up from their phones for a moment to admire your Out-of

Mobile Targeting for OOH Placements

Physical outdoor space is always important in OOH advertising, but how do people behave when they are outside and passing ads? The answer is that many consumers are constantly surfing the internet when they are out and about. 

What if I told you that Drovo will ensure you continue the conversation with your audience so that on-vehicle advertisements also display on mobile and apps for those in close proximity of the vehicle? 

That is exactly how the shadowfencing technology we have at Drovo works to help hyper target your OOH audience as they use their mobile and apps when out and about.

Make Sure Your OOH Ads Connect with the Local Community 

The beating heart and soul of towns, cities, or any location are the people who live there and the local community. Therefore, it follows that you need to ensure your Out-of-Home advertisements fit in well with the local community and their lifestyle. Think carefully about how to present relatable ads to members of a local community. 

Fortunately, digital advertising technology now helps you to better connect with local communities. An excellent example of making sure an OOH ad campaign connects with the local communities is when digital advertising screens were used for Uber Eats ads that counted down to Iftar during Ramadan in areas of the UK with large Muslim communities.  

Check That Nothing Will Obstruct Your Ad

Spending a lot on a billboard campaign in a prime location to then realise it is blocked from the view of passersby and motorists due to a lamppost is frustrating, and mistakes like this affect the impact your OOH campaign will have. 

Be sure to check that no buildings, bollards, lamposts, street lights, cables, telephone boxes etc are obstructing your ad from public view. 

With Drovo’s moving on-vehicle ads, you are able to avoid issues like obstructions to ads. Our full-wrap taxi advertising campaigns get seen from 360° angles! 

DDrovo’s taxi advertising can suit your OOH campaigns down to a tee.

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