Ways to Measure OOH Attribution

Consumers spend a lot of time outside, hence running outdoor advertising campaigns that target them as they go about their everyday lives makes sense. Statistics show that Out-of-Home and Digital Out-of-Home spending is growing year-on-year in the UK, and the industry managed to bounce back strongly from the pandemic.

When evaluating the success and effectiveness of OOH campaigns, you want to know what formats of ads worked, in which locations, and with which audiences. OOH attribution reporting allows you to track user behaviour and connect it to specific OOH ad placements. 

But how do you measure OOH attribution for campaigns? Here the expert forward-thinking transit media OOH team at Drovo take a closer look at ways to measure OOH attribution.

Brand Awareness and Engagement 

One of the main goals of Out-of-Home advertising campaigns is to keep your brand awareness levels high. After all, there’s lots of competition out there and you need people to remember and identify your brand easily as well as what it stands for. 

But how do you measure the brand awareness levels that OOH campaigns create? Well, you can do this by looking at the number of users that engaged with your ad placement, e.g. from the number of usages of a QR code, or looking at increases in subscribers or followers on online platforms. 

Customer surveys are another way to gauge the brand awareness created by your OOH campaigns. 

OOH Attribution and Increases in Footfall 

One of the key goals of OOH advertising campaign efforts for retailers is often to increase levels of footfall and customers visiting your stores in person. Yes, a significant share of sales now take place online in 2024, however, having high levels of footfall resulting in in-store sales is still important.

Fortunately, retail and event advertisers can easily measure and attribute in-store increases in footfall & clicks on complementary display ads with the data Drovo’s campaign results tracking technology is able to compile and bring together.

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Geolocation Focus

Which audiences in which neighbourhoods reacted best to your OOH campaigns? This is important to know. One of the ways to attribute OOH ad success will be to analyse street-level traffic in different locations and marry this up with audience engagement for your campaigns. 

At Drovo, we use the latest shadowfencing technology to geotarget audiences in our on-vehicle campaigns. The technology delivers a complementary display ad to a consumer’s device as the branded vehicle passes by in immediate proximity. By analysing this data, you can get a greater understanding of the locations where your OOH ads were more popular and received more consumer engagement.

Audience Reach 

Reach is also key to determining and measuring OOH attribution. The wider your campaign’s reach and the more people that see it may make it seem more difficult for you at first to identify and measure OOH attribution. But this is made simple through the in-depth live vehicle tracking dashboard we have come up with at Drovo, which provides you with key data including impressions and the distance your vehicle has travelled. 

Our on-vehicle campaigns will not only increase your reach with audiences, but the dashboard means they are fully trackable, measurable, and transparent. 

OOH Attribution of Increased Website and Social Media Traffic 

Consumers choosing to shop online has shot up in the last few years, according to Insider Intelligence, worldwide retail eCommerce sales are set to grow again by 9.4% in 2024. Out-of-Home advertisers must therefore target audiences accordingly and encourage them to take action on mobile/online platforms. 

Another way to measure OOH attribution is through website and social media traffic monitoring. Are your OOH campaigns leading to more clicks, enquiries, and sales for your products on your website and social media pages? Good job! 

At Drovo, the complementary mobile display ads sent to anyone in close proximity to our vehicles will help make a noticeable difference to your website and social media traffic and performance. 

Sales Conversions 

It is a competitive world out there, and competition is greater than ever since the digital world means consumers now have a variety of different options. All companies need to make sales, and if sales levels drop, you will find yourself in difficulties. With that in mind, the ultimate end goal of your advertising and marketing strategy must be to ensure sales conversion levels are kept high. 

One way of measuring OOH attribution is by looking at sales figures during and following OOH campaigns. Think about how you can promote your audience into taking action and making a purchase, that can include compelling CTAs, running certain OOH ads in specific neighbourhoods, targeting certain demographic groups, and implementing creative OOH advertising tactics to grasp consumers’ attention. 

Number of Downloads

Nowadays, apps are widely used, and according to Business of Apps, TikTok managed to generate $2 billion in revenue in 2022 alone. Apps gain more users and generate higher revenue the more downloads that they receive. App companies therefore do all they can to convince consumers to download them, and one of their promotional tactics is OOH advertising. 

QR download codes or simply displaying the name of the app/logo on OOH advertisements is commonplace. So, another way to measure OOH attribution is to look at the number of downloads since an OOH campaign was launched. 

Were your app download numbers dwindling and following your Out-of-Home campaign you can now clearly see that they have shot up considerably? If so, the increase in app downloads is a brilliant result that you can attribute to your OOH campaign.

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