Ensuring Nottingham Taxi Advertising Makes an Impact on Audiences

Nottingham is a thriving city with an ever-growing population which grew by 5.6% between 2011 and 2021, but how can advertisers connect and make a real impact on the people of the city with Nottingham taxi advertising efforts? 

Nottingham is a city with lots of potential for taxi media. It is home to famous points of interest where your taxi campaigns will generate high reach, including 

  • Nottingham Forest City Ground
  • The 42,300 university students at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University
  • The Trent Bridge Cricket Ground (especially during the cricket season)
  • The city centre

Here Drovo takes a closer look at how to ensure Nottingham taxi advertising makes an impact on audiences.

Leverage Nottingham Taxi Advertising

Audiences in Nottingham will be used to seeing Out-of-Home advertising formats such as posters, billboards (printed and digital), bus stop and street furniture advertising, and on-street D6 displays. 

However, Nottingham taxi campaigns provide you with your very own mobile street-level billboard, multiplying your reach along the way. 

What’s more, taxi campaigns do a better job of helping you make an impact on those ‘hard to reach’ outdoor audiences than bus advertising in Nottingham for instance, since they don’t follow the same designated routes as buses and are able to fit down smaller streets.

Measure Your Transit Media Campaigns

If you want to closely track and measure your OOH campaigns, Drovo’s taxi media offering is a top choice format.

The Drovo dashboard offers transparency by providing you with accessible insights into live impressions and miles driven by each vehicle in your campaigns, alongside showing you on a detailed map the exact streets and points of interest your taxi has visited. 

Access the user-friendly Drovo dashboard to see accurate reporting from your Nottingham taxi advertising campaigns. If you want to run taxi campaigns in multiple cities on top of Nottingham, we can help as we operate taxi media in 12 other UK cities. 

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Combine Taxi Advertising with Static Advertising in Nottingham

Getting the attention of Nottingham outdoor audiences requires thinking outside the box.

Use taxi media to complement and enhance your static advertisements for additional reach and frequency with your target audience.

The ‘rule of 7’ in marketing says that it takes an average of 7 interactions with your brand before a consumer decides to take action. Nottingham taxi advertising will help you achieve these high frequency counts.

Focus on Specific Areas of Nottingham

You may want to target specific neighbourhoods within Nottingham and connect with certain audiences.

We have drivers who drive specific routes and cover specific areas of cities, and we will match them up with you accordingly for your Nottingham taxi advertising campaign by analysing their historical driving activity. 

Taxi campaigns in busy central areas of Nottingham will reach more people, and drivers frequently driving around the student areas of the city will help your brand make an impact on younger audiences. 

Ultimately, you will be able to see the impact your campaign has had in different neighbourhoods of Nottingham in detail with our proprietary live tracking dashboard.

Amplify  Outdoor Campaigns in Nottingham with Retargeted Digital Ads 

The world is digital in 2024, and new outdoor advertising technology has many benefits when it comes to making high-quality connections with audiences. 

So, imagine how impactful your Nottingham taxi advertising campaigns would be if you were able to send sequential digital ads to the devices of outdoor audiences who have already seen your branded taxis in the city. Drovo’s shadowfencing feature delivers complimentary digital display ads to the mobile devices of audiences within a 200-metre radius. 

Shadowfencing technology enables you to advertise to your offline OOH audiences online, bringing them over to your digital channels. And, the technology’s retargeting element means a series of follow up ads from the OOH campaign are sent to other devices outdoor audiences own, including tablets, laptops, Connected TVs at home.

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