The Advantages of Bristol Taxi Advertising

Home to 2 top universities, the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, the SS Great Britain Ship, idyllic riverside scenery, bars and restaurants galore, a thriving city centre, and a population of around 479,000 people, Bristol is an ideal location to run taxi advertising campaigns to make an impact for your brand.

At Drovo, we are a transit media provider with experience in running effective and impactful taxi advertising campaigns the length and breadth of the county across 13 different UK cities, and we offer campaigns in Bristol. 

Therefore, we know a thing or two about taxi advertising campaigns and how to get the most out of them as part of your Out-of-Home strategy. 

Continue reading to learn all about the benefits of Bristol taxi advertising campaigns with Drovo. 

Bristol Taxi Advertising Will Maximise Your Brand Exposure Across the City

Are you looking to raise your brand’s exposure and awareness amongst consumers in UK cities outside of London?  Out-of-Home taxi campaigns in Bristol are a great choice. 

Running Bristol taxi advertising campaigns will put you in a perfect position to make an impact on the city’s young student population, totalling just under 50,000 full-time students! 

Perhaps you want to ensure your luxury products are put in front of an interested outdoor audience. If so, imagine the benefits of having Bristol taxi advertising campaigns that show off your branding in high-income areas of Bristol.

Opening up a new store and hoping to maximise brand exposure in a specific local area or want to increase your customer base in a location where you haven’t previously carried out campaigns? 

At Drovo we also provide plenty of experience running successful ‘taxi swarm’ campaigns at Drovo that do a great job of creating a local buzz around a specific point of interest.

Take a look at the taxi swarm Drovo ran for Rustlers in Manchester in the video here, we can run one like this for you in Bristol too! 

Seize the Opportunity to Connect with Diverse Urban Outdoor Audiences 

Bristol is a vibrant diverse modern city, there are people from all over the globe living in Bristol. Therefore, when running Bristol taxi advertising campaigns, you will be able to connect with a diverse audience spanning multiple generations. 

Bristol is home to 2 universities with 66,000 students in total, the University of Bristol and the University of West England. Are you intent on getting through and connecting with younger tech-savvy audiences? Taxi advertising in Bristol is an ideal way for you to make an impact on this audience. 

Modern Ad Technology Will Enhance Your Bristol Taxi Campaigns 

Modern technology improves your Bristol taxi campaign when you understand how to leverage it to the fullest. 

Why get left behind by your competitors when there is technology available to improve how you target and connect with on-street audiences in Bristol?

At Drovo, we understand how to utilise technology to enhance your Bristol advertising campaigns. The innovative shadowfencing mobile geofencing and retargeting features we offer ensure that a complimentary ad will be sent to the mobile devices of those in the taxi and passersby.

In an age where consumers spend so much of their time outdoors on their mobiles, shadowfencing technology is helping Drovo to truly bridge the gap between digital and Out-of-Home advertising and improve your next Bristol taxi advertising campaigns. 

Drovo Bristol Taxi Advertising Campaigns are Measurable 

Tired of not having access to accurate measurements and up-to-date reporting for your Out-of-Home campaigns? 

The live vehicle tracking dashboard we have developed at Drovo is our very own solution that removes all your OOH campaign measuring woes. 

Our live dashboard provides you with key real time data on the on-street impressions and miles driven by the vehicles involved in your campaign. You will now be able to follow the progress of your campaigns and have extensive reporting data at hand for your Bristol taxi advertising campaigns thanks to the Drovo Dashboard. 

Find out more about how our dashboard works and measures taxi campaigns in the video below. 

You now will understand a whole lot more about the advantages of Bristol taxi advertising campaigns.

Drovo taxi campaign with Expleo

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