What Are the Benefits of Focussing on Airport Advertising? 

The airline travel industry, heavily affected in 2020, 2021, and large parts of 2022 by the pandemic, is now back in full swing, and passenger numbers reflect this. According to the Air Council International World, global passenger traffic is forecast to fully recover and reach 9.4 billion by 2024. The graph below from the Airports Council International World shows the clear global rise in airline passenger numbers in the post-pandemic era. 

So, you can get high levels of reach from airport advertising campaigns. Looking into different types of Out-of-Home advertising campaigns and wondering which would best suit your needs? Here, we explore the answers to the benefits of focussing on airport advertising campaigns.

The High Audience Footfall with Airport Advertising

As you can imagine from the sorts of figures we have mentioned, footfall in airports is now as high as it ever was! On top of this, modern airports are also full of pleasant places for passengers to mull around and relax while they wait for their flight, including lounges, cafés, restaurants, check-in areas, baggage collection points, and more. 

One reason brands use airport advertising is to take full advantage of targeting their OOH advertisements towards the swathes of passengers in airports with high levels of footfall. 

On the other hand, airport advertising such as billboards and digital signage doesn’t enable brands to move ads with their audiences like on-vehicle advertising does. At Drovo, our full wrap taxi advertising is ideal for making your brand messaging stand out from the crowd.

A Highly Engaged Audience

Airport audiences are also susceptible to advertisements and strong brand messaging. But why so? Well, when you have little to occupy yourself with at an airport, you are more likely to be responsive to and intrigued by things like billboards and digital sign advertisements. 

Targeting an audience that is understimulated and more inclined to engage and interact with your Out-of-Home ads is another reason to choose to focus on airport advertising. 

The Length of Time People Spend at Airports

Airline passengers spend a long time in airports. It is common for airlines running transatlantic flights to request that passengers arrive for check-in 3 hours before the flight is due to take off and depart. 

An additional reason to use airport advertising is the potential to make the most of the lengthy amount of time people spend at airports. Remember to vary your ads, no one likes looking at the same thing repeatedly for hours on end. You can leverage different displays rotating on digital screens in airports. 

The Opportunity to Connect with High Earners  

Professionals, business executives, and entrepreneurs are all perfect examples of individuals who frequently use air travel and spend large chunks of their time in airports. Targeted airport advertising opens the door for advertisers and brands to connect with high-income travellers more susceptible to parting with their money and making purchases after seeing engaging ads. 

Want to connect with high earners for your airport advertising campaigns? Promoting luxury brands is ideal since high earners are typically interested in products such as watches, jewellery, smart clothing attire, cologne, and perfume.

The Challenges of Airport Advertising 

All Out-of-Home advertising campaigns have their drawbacks in one way or another, and airport advertising is no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the difficulties and cons of airport advertising. 

You Cannot Monitor the Progress of Airport Advertising Campaigns in Real Time

In order to make sure your Out-of-Home campaigns enjoy optimal effectiveness, you will need to be able to track and monitor their progress along the way. However, you will be unable to get hold of live airport passenger data to measure your impressions. This live airport passenger data is protected in line with GDPR and PNR (Passenger Name Record) compliance directives due to global security risks and threats. 

With the Drovo live vehicle tracking dashboard, you are able to closely monitor key real-time data for your taxi campaigns, such as on-street impressions and distance travelled by our vehicles (every mile of which we offset with our carbon offsetting partner Furthr). 

Our shadowfencing feature and retargeting algorithm also deliver complementary display ads to consumers’ mobile devices as the branded vehicles pass by in close proximity. This means that with Drovo campaigns, you are able to hit two birds with one stone – targeting consumers with both offline and digital media ads. At Drovo – we embrace new OOH advertising technology with open arms! 

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The High Airport Advertising Cost Impacts Your ROI

Simple airport campaigns, such as a poster or billboard ad, tend to cost at least a few thousand pounds. The cost of airport advertising depends on the airport location, the chosen advertising format, and the length of the campaign. The high cost of airport advertising can have a detrimental effect on the ROI of your Out-of-Home airport campaigns. 

At Drovo, we do our best to keep your advertising campaign costs low. One of our recent Deliveroo campaigns saw a CPM (Cost Per Mille impressions) as low as £0.106 CPM.

The Ineffectiveness of Airport Advertising in Reaching People on Lower Incomes

Are you looking to reach a wider audience? Perhaps your products are affordably priced and you also want to target ads to individuals on lower incomes. If so, airport advertising may not be the best idea, since a lot of individuals in airports are interested in higher-priced luxury goods.

On-street advertising is a way for you to reach broader audiences across broad demographic groups and all walks of life. If you run a taxi campaign with Drovo in London for example, you will have access to 9 million residents alongside the thousands of tourists who travel through the capital and traverse the streets every day!  

The Inability of Airport Advertising to Move with Audiences

Advertisements limited to one set location, such as an airport, always have their limitations and restraints. What if you could move with your audience? 

Fortunately, in 2024, you are able to to roll out impactful on-vehicle advertising campaigns that move with consumers and are highly visible in the spaces your target audiences regularly frequent. That’s precisely what our carbon-neutral network of transit media does for advertisers wanting to make an impact on on-street audiences in UK cities. 

Our measurable taxi advertising campaigns provide advertisers with peace of mind.

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