Spotlight: Drovo and DOOH Advertising in 2023

With the world finally beginning to recover from the long-term effects of the Covid pandemic, advertisers are once again looking to reengage outdoor audiences with OOH and DOOH advertising. According to the Drum, in 2022, 50% of advertising campaigns in the UK used programmatic DOOH,
with this number set to increase to 56% in the next 18 months. In addition, 70% of all OOH revenue is being invested into DOOH by brands. Both the OOH and DOOH advertising landscape are looking bright in 2023.

In addition to streamlined operations, DOOH offers unparalleled targeting options through advanced audience, geolocation, and contextual targeting. Media owners can sell targeted custom audiences more precisely and deliver impression-based campaigns with a data-driven approach, utilizing features such as targeting custom audience segments, predefined audience segments, contextual targeting with custom event triggers, and location and audience density in proximity to a screen.

While stationary programmatic digital screens already benefit from a data-driven approach and audience segmentation, on-vehicle programmatic digital screens allow for even more versatility: These displays are positioned at street level on top of commercial fleet vehicles and city cars, making them visible to drivers, pedestrians, and passengers in nearby vehicles and also allow for vehicles to swarm together in support of a particular event.

A More Environmentally Conscious Approach

Though in the past questions have been asked about industry-wide energy consumption, the DOOH advertising industry has implemented significant improvements across its supply chain, including the use of recycled paper, zero-emission vehicles, carbon offsetting, and the adoption of renewable energy for digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens.

Drovo’s vehicle-mounted digital screens are no exception: as part of our push to maintain high standards for social and environmental performance, our screens are powered entirely by a vehicle’s regenerative braking. No additional electricity is used to power Drovo’s dynamic digital screens: this also means that because Drovo’s proprietary technology allows for all vehicle locations, distances covered and routes are accurately tracked, all carbon emissions on every digital screen campaign will be calculated and automatically offset by us.

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Drovo’s programmatic dynamic digital screens are an environmentally friendly choice