How to Use Geotargeting for DOOH Campaigns

Geotargeting is an advertising strategy whereby you target ads based on the location of consumers. Want to properly connect with your identified target audience and speak their language? Well, a vital part of ensuring this is to target your ads in their specific geographic location. 

How can your target audiences be convinced to buy your products or services if they don’t see brand advertisements displaying them in and around where they live? And this is why incorporating geotargeting in your Digital Out-of-Home campaigns is so important. 

At Drovo Media, our transit media advertising service with stylish on-vehicle car top screens is changing the game for brands looking to make an impact on local target audiences. Carry on reading to find out more about geotargeting and how to use it for DOOH campaigns.

What Is the Difference Between Geotargeting and Geofencing? 

Geotargeting sets broader geographic boundaries for campaigns, e.g. a city, town, or neighbourhood. Geofencing on the other hand is a great deal more hyper targeted and narrows down a location by setting up a virtual ‘geofence’ using technologies such as GPS, radio frequency, WiFi, and cellular data. Anyone who enters the set parameter of a geofence will receive a notification with a targeted advertisement. 

The benefit of leveraging geotargeting for targeting specific audiences and creating personalised ads for them is that it also takes into account mobile users’ filters, interests, favourite apps, likes and dislikes, meaning not everyone in the chosen location will receive the ads. In short, DOOH geotargeting helps you connect with consumers who are already likely to have an interest in your product or service.

What Is Shadowfencing?

What if we told you that transit private vehicle and taxi campaigns can offer you granular targeting for target audiences using the latest technology?  Drovo’s innovative shadowfencing feature delivers a complementary display ad set to a consumer’s device as the branded vehicle passes by in immediate proximity. Shadowfencing technology is changing the Out-of-Home game. The retargeting element means your ads will appear on the mobile devices or apps of OOH audiences when they are browsing on them after leaving the mobile virtual parameter ‘geofence’.

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What Are the Benefits of Geotargeting in DOOH Campaigns?

We’ve discussed how geotargeting in advertising works, now let’s explore some of its benefits. 

Boost Your Reach

Whether you’re running an above the line advertising Digital Out-of-Home campaign for a large audience or you’re targeting a more specific audience, maximising your reach is important. The more unique impressions you get and the more individuals who are exposed to your ads, the better chance you have of higher conversions and brand engagements.

Crucially, geotargeting improves the relevancy of your campaigns since it helps you to show users relevant ads based on their location. Are you opening a new clothes store in North London and want to create a buzz through ad campaigns? You can use geotargeting to target consumers in North London.

Geotargeted Transit Campaigns Move with Your Audience

Another benefit of modern-day geotargeting is that it allows you to move with your audience. Why run DOOH ad campaigns that stay still and don’t move with your audience in 2024 when you make the most of dynamic transit ones? 

Drovo’s live tracking dashboard provides you with far more transparency and the ability to monitor the progress of your OOH campaigns closely. Using our proprietary dashboard, you will see real-time data related to impressions, distance covered by the vehicle, and locations visited. 

We pride ourselves on providing advertisers and brands with accountability, hence you can track every single vehicle in your campaign using our tracking dashboard.

Check out the video below to find out more about how our live tracking dashboard works for Out-of-Home on-vehicle campaigns. 

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Geotargeting Extends the Conversation to Mobile Devices 

A survey found that there were 60.81 million smartphone users in the UK in 2023 out of a total population of 67.7 million! Advertisers and brands must therefore target ads to consumers’ mobile devices and apps to maintain a healthy high reach and connect with modern-day audiences. 

Graph of number of smartphone users in the UK.

Are your DOOH ad campaigns failing to connect with your target audience when it comes to mobile display ads? Drovo’s shadowfencing feature allows you to continue the conversation and display your Out-of-Home ads to passersby while they browse through their mobile or apps. In this way, Drovo is bridging the gap between Out-of-Home and digital advertising. 

Useful for Building Trust with Local Audiences

One of the main goals of geotargeting for Digital Out-of-Home advertising campaigns is to build trust and a genuine relationship with local audiences. Once your brand establishes trust with an audience in a set location, they are much more likely to want to buy from you or interact positively with your campaigns. Geotargeting helps you do just that by putting personalised relevant ads in front of your local target audiences. 

Geotargeting of moving advertising campaigns allows the brand to benefit from those meaningful moments when the audience is in proximity of a relevant location, store, landmark or point of interest

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Chief Revenue Officer at Drovo

Rapid Setup Times for DOOH Campaigns with Drovo

No longer will you have to put up with long delays for setting up Digital Out-of-Home campaigns when you go with Drovo. We embrace programmatic advertising technology, and it allows you to set up geotargeted campaigns aimed at local audiences on our digital car top screens.

You ought to understand a great deal more about how to use geotargeting for Digital Out-of-Home campaigns.

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