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Carbon Neutral


100% Carbon offsetting

Drovo's proprietary technology provides unparalleled transparency and visibility of all assets. All vehicle locations, distances covered and routes are accurately tracked in all campaigns, meaning that the exact amount of carbon emissions of every campaign will be calculated and automatically offset by us.

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Our Journey to B-Corp

At Drovo, we’re on the road to B Corp certification. We are dedicated to hitting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. This means that in addition to being 100% carbon neutral, offsetting all CO2 emissions for every campaign and incentivising EV ownership, we also create and run community programmes with added benefits for our driver network, client network and our employees.

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How we offset

After accurately calculating the total carbon emissions from your campaign, we then work with our carbon offsetting partners MyCarbonPlan to plant willow trees and protect square miles of forests in Grizebeck, UK. In 2022 alone, we planted over 2,250 trees to offset 1,750 tonnes of CO2 on behalf of our clients.

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