How to Ensure Your Wembley Taxi Advertising Efforts Are Successful

With a population of over 100,000 inhabitants and home to an iconic stadium, the home of national football, seating up to 90,000 spectators for various types of events, Wembley is an ideal location for taxi advertising. 

The benefit of the taxi advertising format is that your branded taxis constantly move along with audiences in Wembley.  

Further increase the reach of your static OOH media, such as billboards and posters, by adding taxi advertising into the mix.

Let’s explore how to ensure your Wembley taxi advertising efforts are successful. 

Integrate Wembley Taxi Advertising with Other Marketing Channels 

A report on the Economic Impact of Wembley Stadium by Deloitte found the total attendance at the 58 events over a season included 3.4m people from the UK and 350,000 overseas visitors. The stadium status is one of the leading event venues in the world, and the high foot traffic in and around events makes the local area a haven for brands.

In order to ensure you maximise brand awareness through your Wembley taxi advertising efforts, strategically integrate them with other marketing formats and channels. 

Wembley taxi advertising can be seamlessly used in conjunction with other OOH formats such as

  • Bus advertising
  • Street furniture
  • Billboard advertising
  • Mural advertising and wallscapes

Bridge Wembley Taxi Advertising and Digital Advertising Using the Latest OOH Technology

In 2024, making sure you continue the conversation and journey to elevate the impact you have on consumers is crucial. That means providing consumers with a range of different touchpoints – on both offline and online channels. 

The shadowfencing technology we use in taxi campaigns at Drovo creates a bridge between offline and online advertising via a mobile ‘shadowfence’ virtual boundary to deliver digital display ads to the mobile devices of audiences within 200 metres of your moving branded taxi/s. 

The benefit of adding shadowfencing to your OOH media campaigns is that it helps to drive digital engagement. A shadowfencing OOH case study saw a 40% increase in Click Through Rates from audiences.

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Capitalise on Audiences Attending Major Events at Wembley Stadium

A big part of ensuring your Wembley taxi advertising efforts are a success will be capitalising on the opportunity to reach audiences attending the major events held there, which all lead to higher traffic from pedestrians and motorists in the local area. 

Your Wembley taxi campaigns will have access to an audience of tens of thousands on the bustling local streets in and around events. Exciting huge events being held at the stadium in 2024 include:

  • The Emirates 2024 FA Cup Final 
  • The Abode Women’s FA Cup Final
  • The UEFA Champions League Final 
  • The 2024 NFL Experience (the Jacksonville Tigers)
  • The Taylor Swift Eras Tour
  • AC/DC Pwr Up Tour
  • Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Incorporating taxi media with your branded taxis as a key format in your OOH media mix in Wembley will help you make the most of connecting with the vast audiences attending these events.

Use Brand Activations for Wembley Taxi Advertising Campaigns 

Enjoying success in your Wembley taxi advertising effort will revolve around doing all you can to resonate with your target audience. In order to make a lasting connection with audiences, try going the extra mile to attract their attention.

Brand activations in OOH media concentrate on driving customer actions by resonating with your audience. 

Using brand activations for your Wembley taxi campaigns will help to further boost brand awareness and brand recall, create lasting relationships with your target audience, and give them an all encompassing experience. 

Brand activations we can offer in tandem with your Wembley taxi advertising efforts include:

Taxi Swarms – We can arrange a fleet of your branded taxis to be sent to swarm and dominate a place of interest in Wembley, such as the stadium, a fan zone, or a public transport stop. 

The visually captivating nature of taxi swarms with Drovo helps make sure your brand messaging stays in the minds of audiences in and around Wembley. 

Product Sampling – Have you recently launched a new product that you want audiences to try for themselves around a Wembley Stadium event? At Drovo, we can hire brand ambassadors to hand out samples of your product to on-street audiences. 

We have experience delivering product samples to outdoor audiences as a brand activation to complement taxi advertising in urban areas.

In London Fashion Week, we hired a brand ambassador to hand out 5,000 perfume samples to audiences on Oxford Street in London to support Paco Rabanne’s campaign in the launch of their latest perfume product, Fame. This product sampling offer was used alongside the taxi swarm package Paco Rabanne opted to go for with us. 

VIP Experience – Our VIP experience enables VIPs or brand influencers to be sent to an event or location of your choice. We can arrange for a VIP of your choice to be sent to a sports event or concert at Wembley in your branded vehicle. 

The benefit of the VIP experience is that it uses recognisable figures to increase brand awareness and ensure your Wembley taxi advertising campaigns are unforgettable for audiences. 

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